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Superb reliability and modular design and build are just some of the strengths of Bonfiglioli’s RPS TL series: these versatile solar inverters continue to perform well even in the presence of system failures. Use of readily available, top quality electro-mechanical components reduces the incidence of failures in terms of cost and repair times. Faster, more secure and fault-free connections mean maximum efficiency. Bonfiglioli RPS 450 TL series inverters can be configured either for Master-Slave or multi-MPPT functioning. These features, combined with high technology content, robust design and compact dimensions, make the RPS TL series particularly suitable for use in medium and large fields. Technical data Power ratings from 280 kWp to 1450 kWp External transformer for low loss Efficiency 98.4% Master-Slave or Multi MPPT configuration to optimise photovoltaic field output Under-load disconnector on the DC side and disconnector on the AC side in every inverter module to permit local repairs without having to shut down the entire system

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RPS 450 TL series inverters


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