Bengaluru Rooftops Has the Potential of Generating Solar Power Worth 2.5 GW: BESCOM Survey

The state Discom will soon allow third-party investors to rent rooftops of domestic consumers and set up SRTPV systems under various business models. It has proposed a capital expenditure of Rs 1,275 crore for the installation of hybrid solar rooftop plants with storage, with a capacity of 1060 MW

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 27/01/2020 | By Moulin

Renewable Energy to Generate 35 Million Jobs Globally by 2050: Report

The report, ‘Job creation during the global energy transition towards 100% renewable power system by 2050’, estimates that the number of jobs globally will grow from 21 million in 2015 to 35 million in 2050, with renewable energy accounting for 80% of total direct energy jobs

Business | 22/01/2020 | By Moulin

India Requires Investments Worth $2.64 Trillion to Meet UN SDG by 2030: Standard Chartered

According to the Standard Chartered SDG Investment Map, the total investment that the country needs to make by 2030 is USD 2,633.9 billion. Of the total, USD 1,558.8 billion is for clean energy, USD 505.5 billion for transport infrastructure, USD 377.4 billion for digital access; and USD 192.2 billion for clean water and sanitation

Business | 22/01/2020 | By Moulin

India Tops the List for Power Generation Tenders Globally in Q4, 2019

Comparing tenders’ activity in power plant segment in different regions of the globe, Asia-Pacific held the top position with 209 tenders and a share of 71.8% during Q4 2019, followed by Europe with 36 tenders and a 12.4% share and the Middle East and Africa with 29 tenders and a 10% share

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 20/01/2020 | By Moulin

India’s Renewable Energy Capacity Touches 86 GW in 2019; Wind Power Leads the Pack

Karnataka led the market with about 2 GW of new solar capacity additions followed by Rajasthan with 1.7 GW, Tamil Nadu with 1.5 GW, Gujarat with 936 MW, Andhra Pradesh with 917 MW, and Madhya Pradesh with 651 MW

Business | 15/01/2020 | By Moulin

Foresight Group Energy Infrastructure Fund Raises €342 Million

The fund's strategy has been designed with a focus on "the global transition to decentralized, digitized and decarbonized networks," said Dan Wells, partner at Foresight

Business | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin

Clir Renewables Triumphs 6 GW Milestone, Portfolio Increase Three-fold in 2019

With a number of asset owners currently developing their portfolios through Clir’s full onboarding process following successful trial periods, this growth shows no sign of decelerating

Renewable energy / Wind Power | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin

Okaya & ATS Homes Signs MoU for Setting Up EV Charging Infrastructure

The move came as the two companies identify the importance of the development of EV charging infrastructure at workplaces, residential buildings and other premises of ATS across the country

Other Energy Applications / Sustainable Transport | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin

Tata Motors Launches the Nexon EV, Ushers in a New Wave of E-Mobility in India

Backed by Tata uniEVerse, creates a holistic EV ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of EVs in India

Other Energy Applications / Sustainable Transport | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures Invests $5 Million Into VAKT, Joins Platform

SAEV joins VAKT’s current shareholder base of 12 investors, all among the world’s largest players in energy and commodities trading. The investment will help VAKT with further development of the platform and expansion into new markets – particularly into Asia

Business | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin

Adani Green Energy Subsidiary Secures Solar-Wind Capacity worth 700 MW in Maharashtra

RSEPL partook in a tender issued by Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML) for the procurement of 350 MW grid-connected wind-solar hybrid power projects (with a “Green Shoe option” of an additional 350 MW Hybrid power project capacity) in Maharashtra

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin

Tata Group Unveils 'Ecosystem' to Accelerate E-Mobility in India

All stations will support fast charging and will be connected to a mobile application, which has been developed with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), for payments and to check the availability of chargers, Sinha said

Other Energy Applications / Sustainable Transport | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin

Solar PV Not A Zero-Emission Source; Radiates More CO2 Than Geothermal: Study

“Solar PV cells may not emit CO2 during the generation of electricity, but in their lifetime, emissions are considerable. Therefore, solar PV cannot be considered a zero-emission source,” said the research titled ‘CO2 emissions from renewables: Solar PV, hydrothermal and EGS sources’

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin

Sable Chemicals and Tatanga Energy Partners For Setting Up Solar Energy Plant in Zimbabwe

The solar farm will be positioned at Sable Chemicals’ site outside Kwekwe, in the central part of the country, and will produce power for its ammonium nitrate manufacturing facility

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin

Govt Targets Three-Fold Increase in Per Capita Consumption: R K Singh

“Our per capita consumption of electricity is very low and is a third of the world average. Our primary target is to increase per capita consumption three times to match the world average," he said

Policies & Regulations | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin

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