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Author: Summarised by Energetica India Sylvie Cornot-Gandolphe an independent consultant on energy and raw materials, has collaborated with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) as a Research Fellow and carried out a research on Southeast Asian coal markets and their implications for global coal trade. Download article
Author: Summarised by Energetica India In India’s latest budget 2017, the Government continues its focus on renewable addition and has announced the second phase of solar park addition of 20,000 MW, which is keeping in track with India’s commitment to achieve 175,000 MW of Renewable Power capacity by 2022. Download article
Author: Mr. Praveen Chorghade, Chief-Core Technology & Diagnostics, Corporate Engineering, Tata Power A key component in a power supply company is the practice of having a consistent monitoringsystem in place, essentialfrom the point of view of maintaining its power stations and plants. Download article
Author: MR. HANS CHRISTIAN SCHRÖDER SENIOR EXPERT POWER PLANTS, TÜV SÜD INDUSTRIE SERVICE As part of the energy transition, managers of thermal power stations are facing significant cost
pressures that sometimes lead to serious impacts on plant safety. Many of the recently reported
incidents can be attributed to insufficient maintenance, for example. New strategies that are
customised to the case at hand and ensure an ideal cost-benefit ratio and maximum plant safety
are in high demand.
Download article
Author: BHUPINDER SINGH, CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER, BENTLEY SYSTEMS AND ANNE-MARIE WALTERS, GLOBAL MARKETING DIRECTOR, BENTLEY SYSTEMS “It is helpful to think of digital engineering information as the digital DNA for infrastructure assets
– down to every nut, bolt and screw. Just as doctors can analyze human DNA to anticipate health
issues and personalize healthcare for better health outcomes, companies can harness the digital
DNA of their assets to personalize asset maintenance for better TOTEX, maximized uptime and
Download article
Author: Energetica India India’s Power and Coal Minister Mr.Piyush Goyal has recently announced that the government may auction 4 UMPP projects in the coming fiscal. While we await more update from the Ministry, Energetica India studies the background of UMPP in India Download article
Author: Energetica India A strong and efficient distribution sector is vital for the growth and transformation of the power sector. Formulation of the Integrated Rating methodology has been one of the important steps taken by Ministry of Power in India towards highlighting the focus areas for improvements in the Distribution sector. The Integrated Ratings have been extremely useful to banks/Fls while evaluating various funding proposals for the power distribution utilities Download article
Author: MR.SHRIRANG KARANDIKAR CEO, INDIA POWER CORPORATION LIMITED The Distribution Franchisee (DF) model has emerged as a key solution for cash-strapped and loss-making utilities, who can tie up with private players with strong management skills in the distribution business as well as the financial muscle to incur the capex required for infrastructure Download article
Author: MR. ASHOK SETHI, COO & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, TATA POWER It has been estimated that the urban population in the country would almost double from 2014 to 2050. The power sector will play a huge role in ensuring that the challenges being presented by India’s unprecedented growth are met Download article
Author: MR. GURUPRAKASH SASTRY; REGIONAL MANAGER – INFRASTRUCTURE, INFOSYS Focused efforts on smart buildings systems, retrofits, new building designs with an efficient envelope, and renewable energy, have significantly reduced Infosys’s per capita energy consumption in the last seven years. The high performance buildings built by Infosys have demonstrated that with today’s technology we can design buildings which will consume one third of the energy of normal buildings at no extra capital costs. Over the last seven years, the company has been able to avoid consumption Download article
Author: MS. SHILPY DEWAN; SENIOR EXECUTIVE, R&D, IEX In India, till now Discoms predominantly enter into long term Power Purchase Agreement for upto 25 years to manage their power requirement, the residual requirement, if arises, is met through medium and short term contracts Download article
Author: Mr. SHARAD SAXENA; CHIEF INNOVATION OFFICER, DEVELOPMENT ALTERNATIVES (DA) In order to improve the quality of life and fulfill basic needs there is going to be a steady increase in demand for power. For this we need to add to the capacities to generate more power, and improve efficiency of transmission and storage Download article
Author: MOULIN OZA As part of the plan, adoption of which is voluntary, the states will have to take over 75% of the liability of DISCOM Download article
Author: MR. IMTIAZ AHMED- MOBIL SHC BRAND MANAGER- ASIA PACIFIC, EXXONMOBIL LUBRICANTS PRIVATE LTD One essential technique to examine engine performance and obtain valuable data on equipment health is through Used Oil Analysis Download article
Author: MR. RAKESH KHANNA, CHIEF ADVISOR, TARA The adaptation of the smart grid vision to the Indian context offers the potential to revolutionize electricity supply and increase the probability of achieving the Government of India’s electricity sector goals sooner and more effectively Download article
Author: MR. SHANKAR KARNIK GENERAL MANAGER-INDUSTRIAL. EXXONMOBIL LUBRICANTS PVT. LTD Used oil analysis is a useful tool, which can give you an indication of what’s going on in the turbine and what condition the oil is in Download article
Author: ANKIT PRABHASH, SENIOR RESEARCH ANALYST–ENERGY & SUSTAINABILITY, BEROE CONSULTING The era of regulated utility monopolies in turn has been witnessing dip to see a dawn of markets based on economics of supply and demand. Electricity being a quintessential commodity - homogeneous in quality regardless of where or how it is generated attracts large trade volumes. With the regulated tariff slowly becoming obsolete in the developed regions, de-regulated markets continue to shield consumers from unjustified prices by monitoring the market sentiments to assure the constancy Download article
Author: SHANKAR KARNIK,ASIA PACIFIC MOBIL SHC BRAND MANAGER AND ENERGY ADVISOR, EXXONMOBIL LUBRICANTS PRIVATE LIMITED To achieve long-term production success, testing in-service oil at regular intervals is important to detect degradation issues early enough so they do not lead to costly or catastrophic consequences. These tests should be performed by a qualified oil analysis lab and should be monitored by the turbine professional Download article
Author: Energetica India Targeting energy efficiency in non-residential university buildings, SMART CAMPUS, a three year project, announced that its three-year a Europe-wide SMART CAMPUS project reached 30% energy savings, 10% beyond the expected 20% Download article
Author: C.M VENUGOPALAN HEAD – ENERGY DIVISION, BOSCH LTD As we move into a state of energy supply based on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency will increasingly play a critical role Download article
Author: Energetica India A new study released by Shell Lubricants uncovers the extraordinary lengths Indians are willing to go to in order to save fuel and cut their driving costs Download article
Author: DR. AHINDRA CHAKRABARTI, PROF. FINANCE & ENERGY, GREAT LAKES INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, GURGAON The demand for electricity in the country has been growing at a rapid rate and is expected to grow further in the years to come. The Indian power sector is one of the most diversified in the world, compared to many developing countries where crude oil and natural gas and renewables play a major role Download article
Author: Energetica India Danfoss India & Sabharwal Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. has teamed up to set up the first Green cold storage model at Roshan Frozen and Cold Storage in Sonipat, Haryana. Energetica India brings details and speaks to Danfoss Engineers India to get more insights Download article
Author: C.M VENUGOPALAN HEAD – ENERGY DIVISION, BOSCH LTD As we move into a state of energy supply based on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency will increasingly play a critical role. Download article
Author: Energetica India ACME has installed its first Li-ion based Energy Storage Solution for a leading telecom tower company marking ACME’s entry into Indian market with vast scope of efficient energy storage solutions Download article
Author: MR. SHANKAR KARNIK,ASIA PACIFIC MOBIL SHC BRAND MANAGER & ENERGY ADVISOR, EXXONMOBIL LUBRICANTS PRIVATE LIMITED As the natural gas industry embraces ideas to increase efficiency and reduce costs, Exxon Mobil looks at optimizing resources through lubricant technology Download article
Author: INDIAN ENERGY EXCHANGE LTD The article shows the power trading statistics on IEX for the month of April 2015 along with the REC trading information over the last one year Download article
Author: Energetica India “Coal will continue to supply a strategic share of base-load electricity. Its abundance, affordability and reliability will play a major role in lifting 1.3 billion people out of energy poverty” Download article
Author: Energetica India “By converting the Thunder Bay Generating Station to advanced biomass, Ontario has put Thunder Bay on the map as an innovative environmentally-friendly city” Download article
Author: MR.AKSHAY AHUJA, MS.C.AMRITHA & MS.GAURI PRIYA Unpredictable changes and circumstances can arise at any time for a Utility. A key challenge for any utility is how they can handle these changes and respond to customers in such situations. Can Social Media help Utilities? Download article
Author: PAVAN KUMAR RAVULAPARTHY, RAVI KRISHNAN The effect of boiler side parameters of any coal fired power plant is tied to several factors such as excess air, unburned carbon, coal moisture, etc. The two such parameters which have major impact on plant performance is the flue gas temperature and boiler efficiency and these two parameters are closely related to air heater performance. Download article
Author: MR. JAYAKUMAR NAIR, INDIA REPRESENTATIVE & SR. SALES MANAGER, GEA MASCHINENKÜHLTECHNIK GMBH, GERMANY The efficiency of a generator is essentially determined by the integrated cooling technology. For this reason, the developments in the cooler manufacturing have immensely contributed to the advances achieved on generator design & performance.The development of plate fin technology has helped in manufacture of extra efficient coolers and also has resulted in considerably bringing down the size of the coolers. Download article
Author: K.V.KANDASAMY, SARAT KUMAR SAHOO, S.PRABHAKAR KARTHIKEYAN Matrix Converter (MC) is mostly useful in high power energy generation system like wind energy, solar energy, Unified Power Quality Control (UPQC) systems. Such circuits are easily adaptable where critical power situation occurs. Moreover these types of circuits are versatile with less component and low power loss capability. This type of circuit not only used in power generation systems and also used in various industries application. With wide variety of usage and importance, matrix converter Download article
Author: Energetica India The article highlights ICRA’s analysis of tariff petitions for FY 2015-16 filed by distribution utilities in 11 major states to State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERC) in their respective states Download article
Author: Energetica India With the commissioning of fourth unit of 270 MW, the total commissioned capacity of the plant, located at Nandgaonpeth village in Amravati district of Maharashtra, now stands at 1080 MW Download article
Author: Energetica India CSE analysed and rated 47 coal-based thermal power plants from across the country on a variety of environmental and energy parameters Download article
Author: ROBERT BAGATSING, MARKETING MANAGER, ALTAAQA GLOBAL CAT RENTAL POWER The improvement in India’s infrastructure, as well as the intensive activities of other industries, bodes well for the temporary power industry. Download article
Author: Energetica India “By converting the Thunder Bay Generating Station to advanced biomass, Ontario has put Thunder Bay on the map as an innovative environmentally-friendly city” Download article
Author: Khaitan & Co Prior to the recent auction, the Ministry of Coal had valued the compensation payable to the prior allottee in respect of the land and mine infrastructure held by them. Many believed that the said compensation was valuation was done in an unfair, unjust and unreasonable manner. Download article
Author: Dr. Sarat Kumar Sahoo Transformers are designed so as to minimize the weight and cost based on three assumptions:the power source is a sine wave, the frequency is fixed, and the voltage not to exceed a specified maximum. Fastidious approach in designing the transformer based on these assumptions is not entailed, then again proper consideration is required if the assumptions are amended. Given this as beginning, an efficient and cost-effective design has to be resolved. Download article
Author: Energetica India Tata Strategic Management Group has come out with a report on “Energy Efficiency in India: PAT Scheme - Success and Failures”, giving a holistic view on the current state of energy efficiency and energy management in India Download article
Author: Prof (Dr.). Anil Kumar, Mr. Yashaswi Gyanpuri, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies The last stage or the logical end point of power reforms in India is full retail competition, because it avoids the potential conflicts and inefficiencies of the competitive wholesale electricity market. Download article
Author: Energetica India “Star rating or star level” means the grade of energy efficiency based on specific fuel consumption (SFC) in g/kWh (electrical unit), displayed on the label of the generating set Download article
Author: Energetica India The article looks at the emission standards for diesel engines for power plant, generator set applications. Download article
Author: Energetica India The client was operating with an obsolete DMS which was unable to deliver up-to-date information about the status of the distribution lines and the devices monitoring them due to lack of sufficient number of monitoring points. Download article
Author: Rupinder Paintal General Manager-Industrial, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd. This article details the factors that operation and maintenance managers should consider to maximize the return on their investment in a natural gas engine. By consulting original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) guidelines, promoting engine cleanliness, monitoring deposit formation and extending oil drain intervals, maintenance professional can help their companies generate big gains in operational efficiency and bottom-line savings. Download article
Author: CARE RESEARCH CERC has finally notified the long awaited Compensatory Tariff orders on imported coal based Tata and Adani Mundra projects. With this landmark judgement, CERC has managed to do a fine balancing act of preserving project viability for developers without disturbing sanctity of PPA and creating a mechanism for optimizing DISCOM power purchase costs, thereby reducing tariff shock to consumers. Download article
Author: Energetica India A quick look into the overall focus in India’s Power and Oil & Gas sectors in 2014. Download article
Author: Renu Kumar Rathnam, Janne Kärki*, Matti Nieminen, Arvo Leinonen, Priyank Jain and T.N. Raju The writers discuss the prospect of coal and biomass co-firing in India highlighting the
challenges in each space [coal, biomass], the advantage of co-firing and the technology
options for this concept.
Download article
Author: Robert Giglio, Vice President, Foster Wheeler Global Power Group The article talks about the Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler technology and its application and importance in India’s environment of growing power needs. Download article
Author: Harry Dhaul, Director General, Independent Power Producers Association of India (IPPAI ) Harry Dhaul asks the government to look at the power sector from the consumer’s point of view rather than at generation of transmission. Download article
Author: Mr. Vinay Upponi, Source: StockMusings.com The article looks at how the coal shortage can also hit the development of T&D network. Vinay Upponi worked with CRISIL Research, India’s leading ratings and financial research organization; tracking coal mining and power industry. Download article
Author: Mr. Lalit Jalan, CEO, Reliance Infrastructure Limited Mr.Jalan speaks about the current state of Indian Discoms, the challenges and the way ahead for the discoms Download article
Author: Energetica India The article showcases the recommendations suggested by Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association for India’s Power Sector keeping in mind India’s upcoming 2013-14 Budget. Download article
Author: Sharada Balasubramanian, Energetica India With the state discoms’ mounting debts, how will the power industry solve this issue? The government intervention and new directives to states, alternative energy and a host of solutions are being suggested by the Planning Commission committee reports and other private reports. Download article
Author: D.P.Kothari, S.Prabhakar Karthikeyan and I.Jacob The writers discuss the need for the government to monitor the participating of private players in the power sector of a growing economy. Download article
Author: Bharat Vasandani, Energetica India Energetica India looks at the potential of Hydro Power (above 25MW) in India. The data is as of 31st October 2012. Download article
Author: Energetica India Energetica India looks at the India\'s Power Sector through the Power Statistics Download article
Author: Mr. A.K. Dixit, CEO - Energy Sector, Siemens Ltd. The future will see a broad mix of energy resources, with increased focus on renewables; however, fossil fuels will continue to be the mainstay, ensuring grid stability and reliable energy supply – anytime, anywhere. Download article
Author: Lalit Jalan, CEO, Reliance Infrastructure Limited Delhi Privatization has been a remarkable turnaround story - Competitive tariff, World class customer service, Reliable & quality power supply. Delhi reform model needs to be replicated nationwide as solution to power sector woes Download article
Author: Shradha Aswani, Energetica India Energetica India studies the recent happenings in the Indian Power sector to understand the expected change in tariff mechanism and the implications. Download article
Author: Energetica India Mr. Prakash Nayak introduces IET and its Indian Power Engineers Panel and also discusses the Indian
Power Sector.
Download article
Author: Mr. Lalit Jalan, CEO, Reliance Infrastructure Limited One of the biggest challenges for the power sector in India is to find urgent solutions to the dismal financial health of distribution utilities. Download article
Author: Co-firing: Alternative to Coal and Carbon Emission Reduction Technique in Coal Power Plants The authors bring forward the solution of Co-Firing for India’s Coal based Power Plants.They believe that the Government should include Co-Firing in India’s upcoming National BioEnergy mission. Download article
Author: Bharat Vasandani and Blessymol Thomas, Energetica India Energetica India looks at events over the last few years and analyses how Indonesia has been playing an important role in India’s Power Sector. Download article
Author: Energetica India In a chat with Energetica India, during Power-Gen India 2012, Mr.Ramos discusses Perkin’s India plans, the new planned facility at Aurangabad and the focus on product development with effiency norm Download article
Author: Mr. PK Patnaik Power generation plants producing carbon dioxide by burning coal are the single largest
contributor to global warming.
Download article
Author: Juan Otero de Becerra - Head of Combustion and Gasificat ion Division, CIEMAT - Spain The CIEMAT Combustion and Gasification Division focuses on the development of systems that enable the clean, efficient use of solid fuels (coal, biomass, wastes) and future alternatives Download article
Author: Amarjeet Singh In India 62% of the explored coal resources is located within 300m depth, which is the depth accessible through opencast mining. Download article
Author: Manuel Millan Sanchez & Sanjay Gulati, Tractebel Engineering During coming years, India is going to witness a huge economical growth. This growth is having a very deep impact in the energy needs. Probably the most important energy to be available for this devel Download article