Interview: Yukun Hu

Yukun Hu,
Country Manager at Sungrow India

“How do you see the solar inverter market in India for the year 2020?”

With a large-scale auction in previous years, the significant capacity of PV projects is in pipeline to be executed in 2020 and 2021. Hence we see a very good prospect for the solar inverter market in India for 2020. We are happy that we have already secured a few big orders from some of the largest IPPs for their upcoming projects.

“What are your thoughts on the growth of string or central inverters in India over the next few years?”

Central inverters are still having the majority share in large scale utility-scale projects globally. However, in recent times, the adoption of String inverters in utility projects is also increasing. Sungrow being the first in the industry to cross 100GW has already deployed both Central and String inverters globally. We are uniquely positioned with our highest-rated central inverter (5MW) and most powerful string inverter (250kW) at 1500Vdc to provide the desired solutions as per customer’s requirement and project need. Our wide product portfolio can cater to any project requirement for an optimized solution.

“It is said that Sungrow's 1500V SG250HX is one of the most powerful string inverters. Please share some of its USPs.”

Yes, Sungrow’s SG250HX-IN, is the most powerful 1500Vdc string inverter in the market. Some of its USPs are as follow:

With SG250HX-IN, the larger and flexible block sizes can be designed to enable the lowest cost and get the maximum ROI. It can run at full load for a long time due to our components selection and advanced design and this can give 0.3% - 0.5% higher yield.

It is the inverter with IP66 protection and C5 anti-corrosion capability making it ideal for applications in coastal areas, chemical industrial region, and any other typical harsh conditions.

It is the inverter with both Anti-PID and PID Recovery features to minimize the losses.

“How do you see the BIS standards certification working out in terms of competitive edge?”

Sungrow products comply with all world-class standards such as IEC, VDE, EN, etc. Being a technologically innovative company and a global brand, we adhere and comply with any country-specific standards diligently. As the Government of India has issued BIS standards and issued the extension until June 2020, we are in the process to meet the requirements.

“Sungrow has mostly been focused on utility-scale inverters in India. What is the near and long term focus on C&I and residential niche in India?”

Indian solar market has mainly been driven by large scale projects so far. As the market evolved, we always brought our latest products with innovative features to meet the customers’ demand and thereby maintaining our leadership position. Sungrow has also been gaining significant market share in C&I market. We have achieved 100% Y-o-Y growth in our string inverters sales consecutively for the last two years. We launched our residential products during REI 2019 and we would also like to increase our footprint in this segment as the demand grows.

“What role will solar inverter technology play in a low margin of solar utility-scale plants?”

The solar inverter is the most critical equipment in a solar project. India being a highly competitive market, it is important to choose the credible inverter supplier to get the long-term and steady ROI over 25 years while ensuring low LCOE. The flexibility to design large scale block with Sungrow inverters, help our customers to gain BoS savings. Efficient thermal design, advanced technology products and responsive service team of Sungrow ensure higher yield and minimum downtime while running continuously at high power in a hot climate.

Interview 14/04/2020 by News Bureau
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