Interview: Yash Jain

Yash Jain,
Chief Marketing Officer at MicroSun Solar Tech Pvt Ltd

“Please tell our readers about MicroSun Solar? What kind of solutions does it offer for the Indian solar industry?”

MicroSun Solar is a renewable energy company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of solar photovoltaic modules/panels, solar water pumping systems, solar lighting systems, and solar power packs in India. It is a pivotal company in the area of renewable energy providing end-to-end solar PV solutions ranging from manufacturing solar PV modules to solar EPC projects. The company carries with it more than 12 years of technical experience of successful solar module manufacturing and project execution in India. The company has set up its state-of-the-art facility with a capacity of 150 MW per annum of Solar PV modules manufacturing plant in Bangalore, India.

By integrating manufacturing, commercial expertise, research, and development, across the entire solar value chain, MicroSun Solar Tech Pvt Ltd provides industry-leading solar energy solutions that not only include module manufacturing, but also turnkey solutions throughout the entire life cycle of solar power plants and solar water pumping systems from project design, engineering, procurement, construction management, and maintenance services. Our consistent effort towards conservation, continual improvement, and harnessing of renewable energy has made us deliver quality products to our esteemed clients. At present we are catering to corporate chains, integrators, private sector, Indian defence force, central government departments, and state government departments.

Building A Brighter Tomorrow:

The company decided to look for product diversification, it is being our strategy to increase profitability and achieve higher sales volume from new products that were included in our portfolio. Business-level product diversification – we were expanding into a new segment of the same industry that the company was already operating in. Our customer database increased into manifolds.

The key products and solutions that MicroSun Solar provides are -

Solar Photovoltaic Modules.
Solar Rooftop Systems. (On-Grid & Off-Grid)
Solar Water Pumping Systems
Solar Street Lighting Systems
Solar Home/Office Lighting Systems
EPC for Grid-connected Projects (KW & MW Scale Power Plants)
Solar Inverters. (On-Grid & Off-Grid)
Solar Energy Storage Systems

“The industry braces Prime Minister Modi’s Vocal-for-Local initiative. How does MicroSun positions itself in playing an active role within the industry?”

Prime Minister's Vocal-for-Local Initiative has pumped up the citizens and local brands of India to motivate and encourage the usage of local brands/domestic brands. These local brands can now enhance their outrage and reach. MicroSun Solar has received a tremendous increase in inquiries and preference amidst and after lockdown uplift. We are playing an active role as a domestic manufacturer and contribute as much as possible to meet India's renewable target of 100 GW by 2022.

The Industry on an overview, it is picking up at protracted rate, however, it will take its own time to recover and heal the market practices. The supply chain needs to be in motion to bring the fund flow.

“MicroSun Solar has resumed operations after the lockdown. What precautions is the company taking to safeguard its stakeholders?”

It is crucial to adapt to the present-day need while the Government is working towards restoring the supply chain. Starting the production with new stringent guidelines from the Ministry of Home Affairs is a basic step to provide a safe working environment to our employees and prepare for the requisites of full-scale production shortly.

Comprehensive protocols have been put in place to ensure that there is full compliance with the safety and social distancing norms. The wearing of masks is mandatory for everyone, the body temperature of every individual is monitored twice a day and anyone showing signs of sickness is prohibited from entering the manufacturing/office/warehouse facility.

“In your view, what are the key challenges currently for the solar industry which requires immediate attention in regards to policy framework?”

We are way behind in policy framework, and unless we develop our efficiencies and reach economies of scale, the overheads cost to any company is always high. We need 3 major reformations: land, capital, and labour reforms.

Our labor laws are weird! There needs to be a shift by regulatory bodies. Our capital structure needs to be simpler and less costly. Our land-related formalities are outdated. Govt needs to help companies reduce their fixed cost by offering land at concession (strategy what the Chinese used). The most key challenge currently is reducing taxes for MSMEs and related industries.

“What is MicroSolar Sun’s stand w.r.t its position in the customer’s buying cycle?”

The USP of our product and solution is that we do not compromise on our premium quality at any cost. The solar industry is more trending towards a price-driven market and we stand on the other side of the corner, sticking to our quality because we see the future and not the present. Talking about the solutions, we feel the better services and solutions that we have provided to our customers with near perfection has gained us a huge amount of positive response. The customer is completely satisfied with the content of the work we do. We want our customers happy all the time. Be it Post-sales services, or installations, or EPC for grid-connected projects, etc. Today you see, one by one few companies in this sector are shutting down its operations because they took the shortcut to earn the goodwill and profit – for which they compromised on aspects of the product and are vanished.

“What is the distinctive value proposition that differentiates you from other industry competitors?”

Why MicroSun Solar?

One of the Leading and oldest solar module manufacturers in India.

Trusted Brand for long! The quality says it all.

Customer First Approach. Goodwill marks the start of a legacy.

50,000+ Satisfied Customers.

Over 220+ Dealer/Distributor Network in Channel Sales PAN India.

Certified with National & International Authorities. (BIS Approved & IEC Certified)

100% Quality Assured. 100% Made in India.

12 Years of existence & experience in this industry in India.

Interview 09/07/2020 by News Bureau
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