Interview (Vishwanath Kamath)

Vishwanath Kamath,
Managing Director at Fronius India Private Limited

“Please introduce Fronius & its presence in India Market to Energetica India readers”

The presence of Fronius in India is since 1990 through our distributor Larsen & Toubro for our welding machines. The Fronius India subsidiary was started in 2014. There was quite a huge quantity of our old generation solar inverters that had direct supply from Fronius Austria even before 2014 to our Indian market which was during the early ages of the solar industry in India- 2009 and 2010.

We have the oldest plants in India with our Old IG series in Prag Distillers - 100KW AP (Rajamundry), Kadiri - 1MW Ananthapur AP (the first net-metering project in AP), Sreenivasa Farms - 250KW, RDSO – CL 36 series, etc.

To date we have Fronius inverter installation base of more than 145 MW in India, with more coming up soon.

“What are your latest products/solutions available for Indian customers?”

The “SnapInverter” concept inverters of Fronius is an innovative and unique product that offers ease of handling and unique serviceability of the PC Board Exchange Process.

Apart from the inverters, Fronius also offers solutions of zero-feed in for non-net-metering projects with the help of Fronius Smart Meter and also Fronius PV Genset solution for DG interactive grid-connected solar projects.

SNAPIN inverters offer unique features like Dynamic peak manager for enhancing the generation, highest degree of ingress protection IP66 to handle robust environmental conditions.

“Recently, Fronius has announced that it aims to double its turnover by FY-2019. How do you propose to do that?”

The continuous demand for quality-based products and with the help of our innovative products delivering higher yield ensures in doubling our turnover.

There is also a concept of Fronius System Partner (FSP) that we offer where eligible customers after undergoing extensive training with us become authorized to provide service for our products.

We believe that with the help of this unique concept we can provide a privilege to our customers and also boost our sales.

“What role do you think energy storage will play for Fronius, in India?”

According to us, this is just the beginning of energy storage in India. We at Fronius have three-phase storage solutions with Fronius Symo Hybrid inverters available in 3, 4 and 5 kW models. One system, with a capacity of 5kW, has been supplied to NTPC.

Our focus is to target the residential segment in storage solutions for which we are coming up with our newer generation of Fronius Gen24 Plus hybrid inverters ranging from 3 kW to 10 kW.

“What is the distinctive value proposition that differentiates you from other industry competitors?”

We follow the customer-first approach with which we stand number one in the industry especially in terms of service support comparing with other players in the industry. The entire team is dedicated and put consistent efforts for customer delight and satisfaction. We offer a wide range of products and solutions suitable for various business segments.

“India aims to achieve a 100 GW Solar power generation target by 2022. What opportunities does it bring for inverter manufactures like Fronius?”

Our focus is to majorly target the rooftop segment which constitutes over 40 GW comprising of both residential as well as commercial rooftop segment.

“With an extensive range of solar solutions, what are the plans of Fronius for the Indian market?”

Our introduction of our New Heroes with Tauro 50KW & 100KW in the commercial segment and Gen24 Plus from 3kW to 10 kW in the storage segment in 2020. We are creating demand with our innovative solutions in the market which make us distinctive. Also, with a target of adding Fronius System partners (Fronius Fan club) of 500 nos. by 2020.

Interview 30/09/2019 by Moulin
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