Interview: Vijaykumar Lanka

Managing Director at Armatec-FTS India Pvt. Ltd.

We have developed our new age agitators - ‘EVO’ series and ‘HYBRID’ series

November 21, 2023. By News Bureau

Armatec-FTS intends to leverage its presence in India and the subcontinent market. For this, the company has started its Indian operations from Hyderabad, Telangana. It has developed its new age agitators - ‘EVO’ series and ‘HYBRID’ series, says Vijaykumar Lanka, Managing Director, Armatec-FTS India Pvt. Ltd. in an interview with Energetica India.

Que: Can you provide an overview of Armatec-FTS's product portfolio for biogas plants, highlighting their unique selling points (USPs)?

Ans: Armatec-FTS is a German company. Based out of Kisslegg, Germany, we have been manufacturing agitators and pumps for the biogas industry since 1965.

We are one of the leading global players in the field of system solutions for the biogas industry. Our core strength is our Research and Development (R&D) department that leads to innovative, high-technology, well-engineered solutions. Today, we are a prominent player in the biogas industry with a very good market share in Europe, South America, and Asian countries with a visible presence globally.

We intend to leverage our presence in India and the subcontinent market. For this, we have started our Indian operations from Hyderabad, Telangana. We offer side-entry agitators, top-entry agitators, side-entry submersible agitators, feed pumps and dosing systems for the biogas market

Some of the salient features of our mixers are as follows:

• High stirring performance with low energy consumption due to 3D polyamide stirring blades.
• 5-year working warranty on the agitator blade
• Can install as top-entry
• Can be installed for concrete, steel or enamel tanks
• Can be installed up to 10m under filling level
• Two or three propellers to mix in different levels (two or three mixers in one)
• Tube length up to 5.5m inside from the tank, without support inside
• Low abrasion with 98 rpm propeller speed

Que: What have been the recent developments at Armatec-FTS related to the biogas sector?

Ans: We have established our Indian subsidiary ‘Armatec-FTS India Pvt. Ltd.’ for serving the emerging Indian market and its customers. Also, we have developed our new age agitators - ‘EVO’ series and ‘HYBRID’ series.

ARMA MIX EVO + agitator is with a connected load of 7.5 KW and 1400mm polyamide propeller. This agitator is a game changer for mixing technology.

ARMA MIX HYBRID is a side-entry submersible agitator the submersible agitators with no ropes and hanging cables. This is a patented design and the only available mixer if anyone wants to use the submersible mixer at the center of the digester.

Que: According to a case study, ARMA MIX EVO + agitator has led to saving fifty percent on electricity costs at a biogas plant. Please tell us more about this ARMA MIX EVO +.

Ans: ARMA MIX EVO + is a very efficient mixer available in the market. The connected power of this agitator is 7.5 KW and the propeller with 1400 mm. The propeller is a 3-dimensional polyamide propeller with 98 RPM. This generates more thrust and gives maximum movement to the slurry with less power.

We have installed more than thirty agitators in India with repeated orders. Our customers prefer these agitators as their first choice. We also provide a 5-year working warranty for the agitator propeller for this model. To mix paddy straw or any other substrate with high silica content, this is the best agitator. This agitator is the proven solution to mix municipal waste, paddy straw, press mud and agricultural waste.

Que: What are the plans of Armatec-FTS for product development and market expansion? What technology are you planning to introduce in the near future?

Ans: We are planning to assemble the agitators and pumps for the Indian industry. This will help us with the lead time and cost. Our development of the agitators and pumps will be continuous to secure the market leader position.

Que: Could you shed some light on the biogas energy sector of India? What has been your experience in the field of biogas plants?

Ans: Biogas is a sun-rising industry in India and bio-CNG is going to be the main alternative fuel for the transportation industry. In the next ten years, there will be thousands of bio-gas projects in India. The entire world is looking at the Indian biogas sector and everyone wants to be a part of the growth story.

I strongly believe that the SATAT scheme is driving the industry faster to establish more projects. Also, all the petroleum corporations are establishing their own projects. This is the time and opportunity for everyone in the industry.

The promotors and consultants are really interested in using the new technologies and also investing in the best machinery. Armatec is doing very good business in India. We are expecting huge orders in the coming years.

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