Interview: Shantanu Sirsath

Technical Head India at Growatt

Growatt Launches ‘MID 33-50KTL3-X2’ Inverter

October 31, 2023. By News Bureau

In REI 2023, Growatt’s renewed product ‘MID 33-50KTL3-X2’ will be exhibited, which sets to enhance clean energy utilisation for the C&I sector. Our innovations in C&I energy storage systems will also be on display, featuring the combination of ‘WIT storage inverter + APX commercial battery’, says Shantanu Sirsath, Technical Head India, Growatt in an interview with Energetica India.

Que: What products would you be launched by Growatt for the Indian market at the REI Expo this year?

Ans: As a key player across India’s solar energy industry, Growatt will showcase its all-scenario advancements in residential, C&I, and utility sectors at the REI from October 4-6.

Growatt’s renewed product ‘MID 33-50KTL3-X2’ will be exhibited, which sets to enhance clean energy utilisation for the C&I sector. Our innovations in C&I energy storage systems will also be on display, featuring the combination of ‘WIT storage inverter + APX commercial battery’. As we cheered the success of single-phase MIC & MIN residential inverter series in the Indian market, Growatt is taking a quantum leap forward with the MIC X2 & MIN X2 that boast compatibility with higher-watt peak modules.

To satisfy diverse energy needs, Growatt will also introduce the ‘NEO 2000M-X’ micro-inverters. It is an optimal choice for small balcony and rooftop PV installations, combining safety, flexibility, and powerful performance in one system.

Additionally, the innovative portfolio of off-grid products, THOR EV chargers, and Infinity 1500 Portable Power Station show Growatt’s ongoing efforts to provide sustainable energy solutions across various application scenarios.

Our offerings go beyond these, and we extend a warm invitation to visit our booth and explore more.

Que: Growatt recently launched ‘MID 33-50KTL3-X2’ inverter in India. Tell us more about your latest offering along with the USPs.

Ans: Growatt’s renewed product ‘MID 33-50KTL3-X2’ inverter has various advantages:

Maximised Efficiency: Boasting an efficiency of 98.8 percent, the MID X2 series ensures optimal energy conversion, harnessing solar power to its fullest potential.

Compatibility Redefined: With a string current of 16A, the MID X2 seamlessly integrates with high-power modules, laying the foundation for enhanced energy output.

Multi-MPPT Versatility: Equipped with 3/4 MPPTs and accommodating 6/8 strings per inverter, the MID X2 presents unparalleled flexibility in string design.

Innovative Design: A fuse-free architecture coupled with IP66 protection enables the MID X2 to brave diverse environmental conditions, ensuring seamless functionality.

Safety First: The inverter features Active ARC protection (AFCI) and Type II Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) on both DC and AC sides, guaranteeing ultra-safe systems.

Compact Powerhouse: The MID X2 maintains a small footprint at 580/435/230mm and a weight of 37kg, streamlining installation and maintenance.

Intelligence at Its Core: Intelligent string monitoring, smart IV curve scanning, and one-click diagnosis render the MID X2 to empower remote monitoring and maintenance.

Que: Last year, Growatt announced the launch of a one-fits-all APX HV battery. Please elaborate on its unique features and advantages.

Ans: Growatt’s APX HV cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, is a ground-breaking energy storage solution for residential and commercial rooftop PV applications. Let’s take residential battery as an example:

Modularity is a key feature. It has a 5 kWh storage capacity and can be scaled up to six battery modules, for a maximum capacity of 30 kWh or 60 kWh in parallel. The battery accommodates diverse space and capacity requirements, with the smallest module measuring 690 mm x 185 mm x 660 mm (65 kg).

The battery soft-switching connection technology provides each pack with a modular power optimiser, which enables battery packs with different capacities to be mixed into one system. Each pack can contribute power separately as needed and perform automatic balancing. This means that the battery can always be fully charged and discharged without the risk of energy mismatch, optimising electricity consumption.

The battery’s nominal voltage is 650 V and the operating voltage is between 600 V and 980 V. Backed by a 10-year warranty and an ambient operating temperate range of -10°C to 50°C, it offers reliability and longevity.

For the ultimate safety of the APX HV battery system, we apply five layers of protection, including active Battery Management Systems (BMS), energy optimization, fire protection, Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI), and a replaceable fuse. It also features IP66 protection against dust and water allowing it to operate in harsh conditions.

Que: Could you provide some insights into Growatt’s current market presence and any upcoming plans for expansion?

Ans: We have consistently increased our market share and solidified our standing as an undisputed leader in the rooftop solar segment. Growatt has been the world’s No.1 residential solar inverter supplier for the consecutive three years according to IHS Markit. We also rank among the global top 4 PV inverter suppliers and hybrid inverter suppliers.

As for our upcoming plans, we are now focusing on expanding our presence in the growing C&I segment while maintaining our leading position in residential. In 2022, we proudly unveiled the ‘MAX 100KTL3-X LV’ and ‘MAX 125KTL3-X LV’ models in India, achieving a notable shipment of 400MW within just one year. Furthermore, the Indian market’s response to ‘MAX 250KTL3-X HV’ and ‘MAX 253KTL3-X HV’ models for utility applications, has been overwhelmingly positive.

Technology innovation is always at the core of Growatt’s strategic moves. Thanks to years of experience in R&D and a robust team currently comprising over 1100 professionals, we can promptly respond to market trends, delivering customized energy solutions with upgrades in efficiency, safety, and intelligence.

Another plan is to continue enhancing localised and customer-oriented services to global customers through a network of 42 offices worldwide. Our dedicated customer support teams ensure timely sales, marketing, warehousing and technical service and support. So far, Growatt has set up five representative sites in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and New Delhi for the Indian market.

Que: Could you give us an overview of the most recent technological advancements at Growatt? Additionally, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the current technology trends that are influencing the industry?

Ans: One of Growatt’s most noteworthy innovations is the battery-ready solution involving ‘MIN 2500-6000TL-XH’, ‘MOD 3-15KTL3-XH’, and ‘MID 11-30KTL3-XH’ series. What sets them apart is adaptability, as they are initially designed for on-grid PV inverters but also feature a battery interface. This built-in versatility allows homeowners to transform their rooftop PV systems into solar storage systems in the future, without incurring additional expenses.

At the REI Expo, Growatt will unveil the ‘NEO 2000M-X’ micro-inverters. The series is highly capable, handling string currents up to 15 A and accommodating a wide input voltage range of 16-60V with four independent MPPTs. The IP67 rating protects it from dust and water ingress. Micro-inverters have become the preference for residential needs due to their shade tolerance, low maintenance requirements, compact size, intelligent panel-level monitoring, and ease of installation.

Growatt’s ‘WIT 50-100KWTL3-HU/AU’ is another pioneering offering of C&I storage inverters. This inverter is equipped with advanced functions such as built-in UPS, black start capability, 100 percent unbalanced output, and 110 percent continuous AC overloading, which work seamlessly with the APX commercial battery.

Que: What is your perspective regarding the MNRE’s choice to extend the self-certification deadline for solar PV inverters until December 31, 2023?

Ans: I believe that the MNRE’s decision to extend the self-certification deadline is a positive move. This extension provides PV manufacturers with more time to make sure that their products meet the necessary quality and safety standards. It allows for thorough testing and compliance, ultimately benefiting consumers and the overall reliability of solar power systems.

In India, Growatt has secured Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification for all its inverter series, spanning from 750 W to 80 kW. This certification has been further extended to cover the impressive 125 kW inverters. BIS offers a neutral and third-party guarantee of the quality, safety, and reliability of Growatt’s products.

Our unwavering commitment to quality underpins our global success across 180 countries. We hold ourselves to comprehensive and strict engineering and quality control standards, which is further exemplified by acquiring more than 40 grid compliance certifications of our diverse product lineup, cementing our leading position in the PV industry.

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