Interview (Saurabh Goel)

Saurabh Goel,
President at Havells India Limited

“Please share with Energetica India readers more details about Havells India & its presence in the switchgear niche?”

Havells India Limited is a leading Fast-Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) company and a major power distribution equipment manufacturer with a strong global presence. The brand enjoys an enviable market dominance across a wide spectrum of products, including industrial & domestic circuit protection devices, cables & wires, motors, fans, modular switches, home appliances, air conditioners, electric water heaters, power capacitors, luminaires for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. at present, we have over 500+ Havells Galaxy stores across the nation which are helping domestic and commercial customers to choose from a wide variety of products for different applications.

The Havells switchgear division offers the most comprehensive range of RCCB, MCB, SPD & Distribution boards catering to the varied needs of circuit protection. India's organized domestic switchgear market is estimated to be Rs 2200 crore rupees per annum. Havells continues to retain its No.1 position in the category with about 27% market share. Our newly launched ST^Dx range of switchgear offer ease of operation and real-time monitoring status facilitating pro-active maintenance of the electrical device and aims to minimize energy wastage improving sustainability. <br />

“Havells India has announced a revenue target of INR 1,000 crore from switchgear in the next three years. How does the company plan to achieve this goal?”

Keeping in mind our business targets from the switchgear division, Havells as a brand aims to achieve a revenue of Rs 1,000 crore over the next three years. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Guwahati, Assam and Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and we are planning to enhance the overall manufacturing capacity of those plants to approximately 6 million poles per month.

“What kind of competition do you face in the Indian market?”

Havells has always maintained the leading position in the switchgear segment despite facing tough competition from peers for a very long time. However, as a brand, we have always overcome such challenges through merit and superior product quality. Indian market is dominated by smart consumers who critically evaluate the direct and indirect benefits of the product, which makes Havells a preferred choice with the technologically advanced and durable offer.

“Havells has recently signed an MoU with TATA Power-DDL. Please share more details about this collaboration?”

We recently signed an MoU with Tata Power-DDL to strengthen the distribution of our Human protection devices in the north and north-western parts of Delhi. Apart from that, the partnership also focusses on creating awareness around good wiring practices and circuit protection devices – through an extensive awareness and training program. As a company, Havells has always prioritized user safety and is the only company that provides a 6-year warranty on Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) and Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB/RCCB) if used along with Havells Distribution Board.

“What kind of innovations or R&D focus can we expect from Havells India over the next 3-5 years?”

On average we spend around 1 percent of our turnover on R&D and will ramp it up to 2 percent. We are looking to reskilling some of the people in our R&D team and would add more people to our team. We are also aligning R&D teams spreading across 18 verticals. The company’s vision is to transform itself into a proactive, technology-led and a customer-centric organization. This will help us innovate and bring forth disruptive technologies that will enable us to translate the latent needs of consumers into products.

Interview 18/11/2019 by News Bureau
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