Interview: Rupinder Paintal

Rupinder Paintal,
Director of Market Development at ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd

“Can you give us a brief outlook of the lubricant market globally and where India stands as a player?”

The global lubricants market is growing at an annual rate of 2.5 percent and the Asia-Pacific region is the fastest-growing. The growth of end-user industries in key countries such as China and India is driving the growth of the lubricants market. From a global perspective, India is an exciting market, thanks to greenfield projects, capacity expansions and embracing of new technology in key sectors like Energy, Manufacturing, Process, and Metals. India is deploying modern machines with cutting-edge technologies and these technologies demand the finest new-age lubrication solutions which specialists like MobilTM are bringing to the country.

“Could you talk about ExxonMobil’s legacy in India?”

ExxonMobil is founded on a culture of science and technology, and as pioneers in the global lubricant industry, we employ more than 2,200 scientists and 5,000 employees at our research and technology divisions around the world. This legacy of excellence and innovation comes to India. Our downstream business engages in the distribution, sales, and marketing of Mobil-branded lubricants and specialties, through our India offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and NCR. The chemicals business provides market development support, analytical and reporting services, besides conducting the chemical product application support services and product testing support services at our technology center in Bengaluru.

“How is Exxon Mobil contributing to energy efficiency in India?”

We at ExxonMobil aim to develop breakthrough technologies that deliver substantially improved energy efficiency. Long component life helps reduce worn equipment disposal and maintenance-related waste, accruing energy efficiency benefits. Many of our advanced-technology lubricants lower overall traction versus mineral oils, helping to reduce the amount of fuel or energy consumed while operating, and have the potential to reduce energy costs as well as associated emission.

“Could you please elaborate on your propositions of advancing productivity and profitability to us?”

At ExxonMobil, our ultimate goal is to improve our customers’ competitiveness through our energy-efficient products, which deliver tangible performance benefits in the areas of productivity and profitability.

“Tell us briefly about your revolutionary product – Mobil SHC Elite?”

The Mobil SHC Elite is a breakthrough synthetic gear and bearing circulating oil that is specifically engineered to deliver long-lasting protection for machines operating under extreme temperatures in industries such as general manufacturing, pulp & paper, metals, and energy.

The Mobil SHC Elite can deliver 12 times the oil life of mineral oils and double the oil life of regular synthetic oils, even in continuous high operating temperatures and extreme operating conditions. This qualifies it as a potential replacement for glycol-based lubricants and mitigates the risk involved in mixing glycol-based products with incompatible mineral oils and most synthetic lubricants. The oil also protects equipment during intermittent temperature spikes and provides up to a 3.6% energy efficiency benefit versus mineral oils. Delivering energy efficiency and advancing productivity for improved profitability, the Mobil SHC Elite series is a perfect choice for industries.

“How does Mobil SHC Elite cater to the advanced demands of the modern-day customer?”

The scientifically engineered Mobil SHC Elite series lubricants, formulated using patented technologies, are recommended for use in a wide variety of circulating, gear and bearing applications. The Mobil SHC Elite series is ideal for applications where operating temperatures or bulk oil temperatures are such that conventional lubricants give unsatisfactory life, or where improved efficiency is desired. They are particularly effective in applications where the maintenance costs of component replacement, system cleaning, and lubricant changes are high. From filled-for-life gearboxes and remotely located gearboxes to mixer roll bearings, plastic calendars, and severe centrifuge applications, the Mobil SHCTM Elite series has a range of applications.

“How can increase ODI impact the production, and to what extent?”

Every Oil Drain Interval results in the stoppage of work and loss of productivity. The Mobil SHC Elite series lubricants are long-lasting, increasing the oil change interval exponentially. It has outstanding thermal/oxidation stability that provides up to two times oil life versus other synthetic gear and circulating oils, reducing maintenance downtime. It has excellent deposit and varnish control that helps to deliver cleanliness and extended oil and filter life. The high-performance synthetic base stocks with high viscosity index enable wide temperature range capability and effective lubrication at high temperatures. The Mobil SHC Elite 150 has excellent resistance to rusting and corrosion, with good anti-wear properties, demulsibility, foam control, and air release, besides excellent seal compatibility that helps reduce contamination and leakage. While the wear elements also remain at minimum levels, there are also safety benefits in terms of reduced storage and handling labor due to reduced usage of lubricants.

Interview 08/04/2020 by News Bureau
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