Interview: Ram Divedi

CSO and Co-Founder at Pravaig

Unleashing the Power of AI: Pravaig's Approach to Intelligent Mobility

May 07, 2024. By Aishwarya

Pravaig prioritizes the user’s data privacy and ownership, creating repairable products, and ensuring that the users have complete ownership of their cars, reveals Ram Divedi, CSO and Co-Founder, Pravaig in his recent chat with Aishwarya Saxena, Energetica India.

Que: Tell us about Pravaig’s key offerings and what differentiates them from its competitors?

Ans: Pravaig is a deep-tech company that focuses on making electric vehicles, batteries, and AI-driven technology solutions. The company’s unique in-house research and development across all product development stages, ensuring full control over quality and innovation is what sets it apart from its competitors.

Pravaig prioritizes the user’s data privacy and ownership, creating repairable products, and ensuring that the users have complete ownership of their cars. Pravaig's vehicles cannot be remotely controlled or have features locked, guaranteeing autonomy for its customers. This dedication, paired with cutting-edge technology, solidifies Pravaig's position as an industry leader. Pravaig, in addition to its focus on electric vehicles, batteries, and AI-driven technology solutions, is also venturing into the lifestyle product market, offering innovative and stylish accessories that reflect its commitment to quality and innovation.

Que: How does Pravaig utilize artificial intelligence in its product offerings, specifically in the realm of autonomous vehicles?

Ans: Pravaig leverages AI extensively throughout its development process to enhance subsystems in its vehicles. AI is employed in rapid prototyping, facilitating numerous iterations and exploring various technical solutions efficiently. Moreover, the technology plays a pivotal role in achieving autonomy, particularly significant in India's dynamic and chaotic road conditions. The complexity of the learning environment fosters deep learning and training, making it an ideal setting for advancing autonomy technologies.

Que: What sets Pravaig's electric premium car apart from other electric vehicles in terms of features and performance?

Ans: Pravaig's premium electric car, the DEFY, distinguishes itself with outstanding features and performance. Powered by all-wheel drive dual motors producing 402 HP and 620 Nm of torque, it offers over 500 km of range on a single charge. Designed for Indian roads, it features independent double wishbone suspension, 200 mm suspension travel, and a water-wading capability of 900mm. With spacious rear seats, minimal noise, and a Devialet-powered implosive sound system, the DEFY ensures a fantastic driving experience for all passengers.

Que: What are the primary target demographics for Pravaig's products, and what role does AI play in the design and manufacturing of Pravaig's lifestyle products?

Ans: Pravaig's primary target demographics encompass early adopters of technology who value high-quality tech products and prioritize true ownership. Additionally, the brand appeals to individuals seeking high-quality Indian products, distinguishing itself from mass-market Indian brands typically geared towards price-sensitive consumers.

AI plays a pivotal role in the design and manufacturing of all Pravaig's products including the lifestyle product line. AI helps improve our products by considering design factors like frame, weight, and durability. Through continuous refinement, it ensures we create top-notch products. Through this process, the technology enables Pravaig to refine designs and enhance product quality, ultimately delivering innovative and sought-after lifestyle offerings to its target demographics.

Que: Could you elaborate on the technological advancements that Pravaig has made in battery technology?

Ans: Pravaig has achieved significant technological advancements in battery technology over the past decade. With over 10 years of experience in battery development, the company operates a fully operational battery factory equipped with a testing laboratory. Pravaig's dedicated teams focus on various aspects of battery technology, including the Battery Management System (BMS), electronics, materials, thermal, and mechanical components, enabling innovation across the entire stack.

Notably, it has pioneered the development of proprietary solutions such as an in-house encapsulant, designed to prevent thermal runaway and mitigate the risk of battery fires. These advancements underscore Pravaig's commitment to enhancing battery safety, performance, and reliability, positioning the company at the forefront of battery technology innovation.

Que: Any project or expansion plans the company is planning this year?

Ans: Pravaig has several project and expansion plans for the current year. The company is actively supplying batteries to buyers in the EU market for solar farms and grid balance management solutions. Additionally, Pravaig is set to increase its battery production capacity to meet growing demand. The company also has new products in the pipeline, which will be announced soon, reflecting its commitment to innovation. Furthermore, it plans to start operations overseas, indicating a strategic move into new markets. These initiatives align with Pravaig's vision for growth and leadership in the renewable energy and battery technology sectors.

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