Interview: Preeti Bajaj

CEO & MD at Luminous Power Technologies

Integrating Solar Solutions Strengthens our Role in India's Energy Transition

November 14, 2023. By News Bureau

At the centre of the energy transition is the consumer that wants power back-up and power controlled combined. This is forcing us as product developers to look for a product market that fits the transitioning energy economy. The power back-up needs have been marking a shift towards residential solar as well as higher capacity ranges, says Preeti Bajaj, CEO & MD – Luminous Power Technologies in an Energetica India.

Que: Kindly brief us on Luminous Power Technologies along with the products and services offered by the company in the solar segment.

Ans: In our remarkable journey spanning over 35 years, Luminous Power Technologies has emerged as India's most trusted brand in energy solutions and the residential solar industry. Our focus lies in creating sustainable, energy-efficient solutions that enrich lives with comfort and joy.

With a robust market, our diverse product range boasts of innovative products and solutions in the energy, power back up and residential solar space. Committed to customer delight, our lithium-inverter, a triumph of digital infrastructure, caters to environment-conscious consumers, delivering enhanced lifespan, zero maintenance, and compact size. This innovative stride captures our dedication to creating a brighter and greener energy future.

In the realm of solar solutions, Luminous Power Technologies offers a comprehensive line-up. Our solar batteries encompass the L-Series and H-Series, both C10-rated deep-cycle batteries. With minimal maintenance needs, they excel even in high temperatures and extreme climates, ensuring reliable power storage.

Our solar inverters, solar charge controllers, and retrofits provide robust protection for appliances, while the retrofits ingeniously convert standard inverters into solar ones without rewiring. The diverse solar packages include off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid solutions, catering to varying energy needs.

Luminous steps further into the future with solar panels, offering Polycrystalline PV modules and Mono PERC half-cut solar panels, meeting IEC standards for versatile applications. Notably, our commitment to sustainable progress shines through the recently unveiled green solar panel manufacturing facility in Uttarakhand. With cutting-edge technology, the facility will produce high-quality solar panels for both residential and commercial use.

Spanning ten acres, the facility will boast a solar production capacity of 500 MW per annum, expandable to 1 GW. The range of panels, from 40 W to 600 W, speaks volumes of our dedication to cleaner energy solutions. Luminous Power Technologies proudly drives the transition to a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

Que: Please shed some light on the current market presence and expansion plans of Luminous Power Technologies.

Ans: Luminous Power Technologies is a leader in innovative energy solutions in India that includes, inverters, batteries and solar. Over the last 35 years, it has grown into one of India’s most trusted brands in energy solutions and residential solar industry. Luminous devises solutions that are sustainable and energy-efficient to make lives comfortable and full of happiness. This success is underpinned by a vast network of 1,00,000 channel partners across the nation. Geographical diversification remains integral to our strategy, bolstering our presence within India. At Luminous, we follow a two-brand strategy where we also have Amaze which caters to the needs of emerging India. It offers a range of inverters, batteries and solar products that offer energy efficiency and great performance and are designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts.

Luminous Power Technologies has undergone substantial expansion in the past 5 years, extending its reach to more than 35 countries. Our extensive global presence is anchored by a robust distribution network, reinforcing our international footprint.

India is a high-priority market for Schneider thanks to its huge growth potential. As a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, our aspirations are ambitious. We will be launching a host of futuristic products, setting up new manufacturing plants, and expanding our robust channel network. We will be setting up new greenfield plants, expanding our geographic footprint, boost people and business partner’s development. We intend to invest substantially in brand building, digitization, and consumer engagement programs.

Que: Quality, Costs, and Performance are key concerns for consumers. How do you address these issues for your offerings?

Ans: At Luminous, we understand the changing needs of consumers and ever-evolving technologies. We make sure that we are in line with the change and constantly innovate to stay ahead of time. We recognize that Quality, Costs, and Performance are of paramount concern for our valued consumers. To address these, we imbue our approach with a customer-centric ethos that ignites trust and delight.

We firmly believe in a customer-centric approach to structure our supply chain initiatives and programs for optimal performance. Our processes are agile and adaptive. Our primary goal is to ensure seamless product availability and timely deliveries, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As India is at the cusp of change, there is a paradigm change in the evolution of power quality, power consumption and per capita income in India. With changing customer preferences, we aligned products with emerging market trends and responded promptly to individual needs. At the centre of the energy transition is the consumer that wants power back-up and power controlled combined. This is forcing us as product developers to look for a product market that fits the transitioning energy economy. The power back-up needs have been marking a shift towards residential solar as well as higher capacity ranges.

We have a hybrid inverter which is a combination of an on-grid and off-grid solar system that makes this inverter more versatile than other solar inverters, helping in lowering your electricity bills and protecting from power outages. The Icon Range and High-Capacity Inverter Range strategically positioned to cater to residential and commercial segments respectively. Icon is perhaps India’s first inverter with premium ultra-modern looks that come with unprecedented safety and convenience features. The High-Capacity Inverter is truly a technological marvel for commercial users. A zero-noise strong inverter, it will cater to offices, showrooms, banks, dental clinics, educational institutions, restaurants, salons, ice cream parlours, etc., where higher capacity loads over 2KVA is needed.

Additionally, we have also digitized the way we reach our customers. With the Pandemic we saw e-commerce gaining traction with customers and we entered this space by launching our E-shop and have introduced our products on e-retail websites - Amazon, Flipkart, Jiomart, etc. In the new normal, both online and offline retail continue to be equally important touch points for consumers, hence we are also launching our products on prominent retail chain stores.

Que: Please apprise readers about the solar inverter range of Luminous Power Technologies and its various salient features.

Ans: Luminous Power Technologies has identified the solar sector as a growth area where it offers consumers complete end-to-end residential solar solutions.

Luminous Power Technologies presents an impressive array of solar inverters designed to empower homes with clean energy. The NXG Series, a versatile choice, ingeniously balances grid and solar power. With a wide voltage range capability, it stands as the perfect entry-level solar solution for households. The NXG PRO, an intelligent offering, harnesses built-in MPPT technology, maximizing solar panel efficiency by 30% compared to PWM inverters.

The NXI Grid Tie Inverter excels at converting solar panel-generated DC power into usable AC power, enabling savings by exporting excess energy to the grid.
The Solarverter PRO, equipped with proven MPPT technology, optimizes panel output by 30 percent, ensuring uninterrupted power through intelligent management of solar power, grid supply, and battery. Certified by BIS, the Solarverter PRO adheres to IS/IES standards. Meanwhile, the Solarverter Series seamlessly manages solar, grid, and battery power to sustain all electrical needs in challenging Indian grid conditions.

The Hybrid TX series embodies versatility, combining on-grid and off-grid capabilities. This unique offering mitigates electricity costs and safeguards against power interruptions. These solar inverters, designed with precision and innovation, exemplify Luminous Power Technologies' unwavering commitment to delivering efficient, reliable, and adaptable energy solutions for every home.

Que: As per you, what is the role of solar power in reducing carbon footprint? Walk us through the benefits of solar power for businesses and households.

Ans: India has a tremendous potential to leverage solar power, with 5,000 trillion kWh per year of energy being incident over India's land area with most parts receiving 4-7 kWh per sq. m per day. Hence, solar power will play a pivotal role in sculpting a sustainable future while propelling economic growth across industries. Solar energy is integral to curbing carbon emissions and forging a cleaner energy landscape.

For businesses, solar power offers multi-faceted benefits aligned with the respective industry's goals. By harnessing solar energy, operational costs drop significantly while carbon footprints diminish. As per industry research, adopting solar power by businesses could help them save up to 30 percent in power costs. Organizations are able to earn a return on investments in 5 years, with installations yielding dividends for nearly two decades.

Moreover, integrating solar solutions strengthens our role in India's energy transition. Reducing dependence on fossil fuels positions us at the forefront of a greener energy mix, curbing carbon emissions and nurturing sustainable practices. Solar-related industry growth diversifies portfolios and revitalizes the Indian economy. Promoting solar power sparks job creation, research, and innovation, driving economic growth.

In Indian homes, solar power can transform lives. Embracing solar solutions reduces energy bills drastically, improving disposable income. This echoes our industry's dedication to enhancing livelihoods and raising living standards. In essence, solar power is transformative for industries and households. It spurs environmental stewardship, fuels economic growth, and empowers Indian homes. As we pave the way for a cleaner, prosperous India, this transformation is our shared pride.

Que: What are your thoughts on the adoption of rooftop solar in India? Also, tell us about your future plans in this segment.

Ans: The adoption of rooftop solar in India is a commendable stride toward sustainable energy. It is a significant leap forward in our nation's energy landscape. The latest ministry data reveal an increase in rooftop solar capacity to 8,877 MW as of March 2023 from 7,520 MW in September 2022. This underscores the growing momentum of this movement. The heightened awareness among residential consumers and government-backed subsidies have been pivotal drivers, in fostering a conducive environment for solar adoption. This is expected to see continued growth in the future.

Looking ahead, Luminous Power Technologies is poised to make its indelible mark in this dynamic segment. Our announcement of a green energy-based solar panel manufacturing facility in Uttarakhand stands as a testament to our commitment. The upcoming manufacturing plant in Rudrapur is set to be operational by year-end, equipped with cutting-edge technology to design and produce high-quality solar panels for both residential and commercial applications.

This strategic move aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide sustainable energy solutions that empower homes and businesses. Our focus on innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility remains unwavering. Luminous Power Technologies envisions contributing significantly to India's solar evolution, propelling the adoption of rooftop solar while fortifying our nation's energy security and sustainability.

Que: In the coming years, what role would Luminous Power Technologies be playing in the transformation of India's energy landscape?

Ans: At the centre of the energy transition is the consumer that wants power back-up and power controlled combined. This is forcing us as product developers to look for a product market that fits the transitioning energy economy. The power back-up needs have been marking a shift towards residential solar as well as higher capacity ranges.

In the coming years, Luminous Power Technologies is poised to be a trailblazer in reshaping India's energy panorama. It is set to play a transformative role that encompasses innovation, sustainability, and empowerment. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge energy solutions is at the heart of this endeavour. We are spearheading the transition to cleaner, greener energy by leveraging our technological prowess. Our focus on solar solutions, battery innovations, and energy-efficient products will empower homes and businesses across the nation, fostering energy independence and reducing our carbon footprint.

We have also announced India’s first green-energy-based solar panel manufacturing plant in Uttarakhand. This is a major step forward in Luminous Power Technologies’ journey towards enabling a cleaner and more sustainable future and aligns with India’s goal of being net zero by 2070. The plant has been certified as a green facility by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and will significantly mitigate concerns around CO2 emissions, with an estimated reduction of more than 70 million tonnes per year.

Disrupting the power storage industry, Luminous provides an eco-friendly, sustainable, compact, power back-up solution in the form of Lithium-verter manufactured in a Digital Infrastructure to result in customer delight through Zero Defect and Zero Effect, catering to the segment that is conscious about the Environment, thus it offers a product with enhanced life, zero maintenance, sustainable, easy to use, connected product.

Moreover, we will continue nurturing partnerships, both local and global, to drive collaborative efforts for a sustainable future. By integrating our expertise, passion, and resources, we are not merely contributing to change – we're leading it.

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