Interview: Manjunath N Reddy

Founder & Managing Director at DhaSh PV Technologies

DhaSh PV Technologies caters to the needs of solar module manufacturers with junction boxes

January 04, 2024. By Anurima Mondal

The firm developed Y connectors, branch connectors, inline fuse connectors, panel mount connectors, wire harness which gives complete solution for DC connections and eliminate the fire and safety risks.

Que: 2023: Unveiling Business Odyssey

Ans: India’s renewable energy sector has witnessed various policy and market developments in 2023, which have created many opportunities for developers and manufacturers. Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact (TOPCon) & Heterojunction technology (HJT) have been generating a buzz in the solar industry, we proudly lead in the realm of advanced technologies, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Bangalore, is embracing these innovations by providing future-ready junction box for such high efficiency modules.

We have been catering to the needs of solar module manufacturers for a long time with our junction boxes and connectors. Now, we are ready with complete connection solutions on the DC side, from solar panels to inverters. We have developed Y connectors, branch connectors, inline fuse connectors, panel mount connectors, wire harness which gives complete solution for DC connections and eliminate the fire and safety risks due to cross-mating and increase the system performance by keeping contact resistance minimum.

So, this further enhances our manufacturing footprint and allows us to enhance our hold on the future opportunities available in India and globally.

Que: 2024: Unlocking New Horizons

Ans: DhaSh is strategically aligning with future trends through proactive measures. Our commitment to sustainability is showcased by innovations like DhaSh Trio® Junction Box for higher efficiency modules like TOPCon and HJT. DhaSh Trio® becomes the second product in a row unveiled by DhaSh with ‘Integrated Module’ diode, having superior heat dissipation ability & controlled junction temperature (<200⁰C) under multiple JB-rated current applications (up to 30A).

The premium-grade plastic material used as the enclosure possesses thermal endurance of up to 125⁰C, flame class of 5VA (under UL-94, V0) & ingress protection rating of IP68, which makes the product more robust for working in harsh conditions. It is on an upscale over any market available similar family product. We are the first and only Indian junction box manufacturer having dual certification i.e. IEC & UL.

Our unwavering focus on quality positions us well to meet heightened safety and reliability demands. As a holistic solutions provider, we are not just adapting, we are pioneering future-ready solutions.

Our market footprint is truly global, with exports spanning over 15 countries, showcasing our expanding global reach. Simultaneously, we hold a robust presence in the Indian market, cementing our position as the largest PV junction box manufacturer. To further expand our global footprint, we are strategically focusing on strengthening our distribution networks, intensifying collaborations with international partners, and leveraging our extensive product portfolio to cater to diverse market demands. These approaches, combined with our commitment to quality and innovation, underpin our pursuit of sustainable growth on both regional and global fronts.

It is worth noting that the share of solar in renewables in India is increasing and considering the positive response from the overseas customers, DhaSh PV Technologies has penned out expansion plans to achieve a production capacity of 50 GW in phased manner by 2025 and this will make us the largest non-Chinese-owned PV Junction box manufacturing company in the world.

Que: Navigating Growth: Ushering in New Trends

Ans: Presently, leaders from across the globe are gathered in Dubai for COP28 to correct course and accelerate action to tackle the climate crisis. To preserve a liveable climate, it’s crystal clear that the production of coal, oil, and gas must rapidly decline, and global renewable power capacity – including wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy – needs to triple by 2030.

India is at the forefront of the global renewable energy revolution and the solar manufacturing industry is playing a critical role in driving this growth. We are witnessing vibrant growth in solar adoption and are very excited about the growth of the market in India.

We are exporting junction boxes to cater to the requirements of our overseas customers and have observed changes after the pandemic that all major PV importers aim for a ‘China+1’ strategy for their PV sourcing requirements. In addition to already having the second-largest module manufacturing capacity, India has significant expansion plans for the next two to three years. Hence, Indian manufacturers are seeing huge interest and demand from abroad for their products and we believe India will witness decades of immense growth in the solar energy sector. We believe that the government’s policies and vision are driving the transition to renewable power.

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