Interview (Heng (Eric) Zhang)

Heng (Eric) Zhang,
Sales Director-Asia at Ginlong (Solis) Technologies Co. Ltd

“India Solar Rooftop Map 2019, March Issue ranks Ginlong Solis on the 2nd position for solar inverters in Q1 2019. Whereas the company's previous rank was no.5. What has been the reason for this improvement in terms of capturing market share?”

There are three aspects to this:

A. Brand: Ginlong Technologies, the manufacturer of Solis Inverters, is the only publicly-traded company with a primary focus on string inverters. This helps to strengthen customers' confidence in building long-term partnerships with Ginlong Solis.

B. Product: With a product as the core and technological innovation as the driving force of enterprise development, Ginlong Solis launched the fifth-generation inverter technology platform, which brings customers with "higher efficiency and income, more reliable and secure.

C. Service: As a strategically important market for Ginlong Solis, we have been in the Indian market for more than 3 years. Over these years we have established, in India, a complete sales and service team, with members having more than 10 years of experience in inverter technology. Besides, we also have a professional local after-sales service center whose service No. is 224 9744 021

“What is the cumulative installation (in GW) achieved by Ginlong Solis in India? Please combine the utility and off-grid segments, both.”

Around the world, the installation of Ginlong Solis is more than 10GW+ combining both utility and commercial segments. The installation capacity of Ginlong Solis in India is nearly 700 MW. We expect the installed capacity in India to reach 1GW by the end of 2019. We would like to thank the Indian solar industry for the continuous support towards Ginlong Solis.

“ABB exited the inverter business citing low margins. A case is similar to Schneider. How do see this in terms of market opportunity or challenges?”

With the continuing evolution of photovoltaic technologies and further development of new global markets, the global PV inverter industry is changing. In the last 10 years, European and American companies dominated global PV Inverter manufacturing. But today, they are withdrawing from the inverter manufacturing business. ABB Group, which once had the largest market share in India, just sold its entire PV inverter business in July 2019.

In stark contrast, Ginlong Solis has taken advantage of the trend and are investing and expanding their businesses overseas. Solis ranked #3 in the Chinese shipment of Inverters in the first half of 2019. ABB’s recent exit from the market will bring even more opportunities for Ginlong Solis to further develop markets overseas and increase Chinese PV inverter export value.

“What kind of potential do you see for Ginlong Solis in India's upcoming EV market?”

India’s EV niche is a big upcoming market. We are still evaluating the best solutions possible to propose. The recent push for the EV segment in the Union Budget has expedited adaptability among the people. We are planning is to launch good products for this segment very soon.

Interview 04/10/2019 by News Bureau
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