Interview: Hardik Kothiya

Director at Rayzon Solar

We are planning to set up 5 GW solar module production line by 2025

September 06, 2022. By Manu Tayal

We are planning to set up a 5 GW capacity for the solar module production line by 2025, along with a 1 GW capacity for solar cell manufacturing… With the pace we are going, most likely, we will achieve our goal earlier, shared Hardik Kothiya, Director, Rayzon Solar, in interaction with Manu Tayal, Associate Editor, Energetica India. Here’re the edited excerpts:

Que: From where did you get the inspiration to start Rayzon Solar?

Ans: In 2016 when I completed my education, I and my partner were exploring business opportunities. We were looking to enter the industry which was going to boom in the near future. We did a lot of research through many sources like - meeting various businessmen and searching for things online. After doing all this research, we shortlisted two categories - Solar Power and Artificial Intelligence. After doing a lot of discussions, I and my partner decided to go for the solar business because artificial intelligence was too modern in 2016 and there was no proper guidance in this business, but for solar, there were already players in the market from whom we could get a lot of information, we learned a lot of things from them and even till date, we are learning from our competitors. That’s the reason, we are the fastest growing company in the solar module manufacturing industry in India.

Que: Why you have chosen the name Rayzon?

Ans: Rayzon is derived from two names RAYS and ON. It means that rays of the Sun should always fall on earth so that we can get it as an infinite source of energy, and another meaning for Rayzon is raise and on it, that means our company should always rise. Today we do believe in both philosophies as the name derived. Our motto is to use the infinite source of Renewable Energy in such a way that our customers, partners, and communities should get sun-rays in a simplified manner to make their future more vibrant and sustainable.

Que: What do you think are the main reasons behind the company’s growth in a short span of time?

Ans: The reason for our growth is the Quality, Trust and Reliability of our product. We provide one of the best Indian-made modules and deliver across the world, with the same trust and quality. We prefer to use the certified and best raw materials available in the market for our solar modules. The second reason for our growth is the kind of relationship that we have with our customers. They fully trust us in terms of the quality and after-sales service that we provide to them. We also believe that employees are an asset to the company.

Que: What are the achievements so far that you are proud of?

Ans: I am proud of the contribution that we are providing to nation-building. As we all know, the world is facing serious challenges in order to cope with Global warming. To mitigate the issue, we are contributing toward reducing the carbon footprint and promoting natural resources so that life becomes easy.

I would like to quote here that “Strive not to be for success, but rather for value.” We always try our best to help our customers in various situations, no matter how worse it is. We also believe that whatever we have achieved so far, all credit goes to our customers who taught us how to improve and what to improve.

Que: What does the future hold for the company?

Ans: When we started our company in 2016, we began with a 40 MW solar module production line and further expanded it to 110 MW in 2019 and 150 MW in 2021. Moreover, this year we achieved our production milestone of 1.5 GW, which we had earlier set for 2025.

It is rightly said that the “sky is the limit”, and after seeing the growth of the company, we again introspect that Rayzon should work towards a broader vision so we are now working to achieve our new milestones i.e. we are planning to set up 5 GW capacity for the solar module production line by 2025, along with a 1 GW capacity for solar cell manufacturing. Also, we are working toward making Rayzon truly an International brand. We believe in our PM Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of “Make in India”.

Que: Do you believe you will achieve your goal by 2025?

Ans: Yes, we truly believe in our goal as our team always delivers more than what we expect. With the pace we are going, most likely, we will achieve our goal earlier.

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