Interview (Dr. Kushant Uppal)

Dr. Kushant Uppal,
Founder & Managing Director at Intelizon Energy Pvt. Ltd

“Please tell our readers about Intelizon Energy”

Intelizon Energy is one of the top global brands for lithium-ion based solar systems. We have set reliability standards for streetlights over the last 6 years. We are known for our innovation with state of the art remote monitoring and control features and inbuilt CCTV systems for enhanced surveillance. Our mission is honest: Reliable and Quality Electricity for All.

“What role will energy storage play in India’s focus on energy efficiency?”

Energy storage has multiple applications ranging from off-grid products, mini-grids, emergency backup power to create hybrid systems. Energy efficiency requires the use of multiple power sources like a grid, solar, wind, etc to achieve a combination of low cost and renewable power. However, sources like solar and wind are intermittent and provide excess or deficient supply compared to the actual load requirement. This is where batteries and energy storage plants a critical role. Therefore, hybrid systems with batteries are the wave of the future as we move towards sustainability and energy efficiency.

“With the advent of technological innovations, how have various smart technologies contributed to the smartening of the Indian Lighting Sector?”

Various technologies including LED, solar, batteries and cameras have evolved over the years to the point of commercialization. Indoor and outdoor lighting has changed significantly with LED’s reducing the power consumption by 50%. Solar streetlights are in the middle of a change with lithium-ion batteries providing the reliability lacking in the earlier lead acid-based systems. Intelizon’s IoT (remote monitoring and control) based solar streetlights and the inbuilt CCTV based systems are setting the benchmark in innovation. The Indian lighting sector is now going to see a wave of smart technologies similar to Intelizon offerings which will pave the path for the world of outdoor lighting.

“Intelizon is working towards enhancing Solar IoT capabilities. What have been your achievements in the same till date?”

Internet of Things aka IoT is a widely used terminology which is impacting all aspects of our life as communication and sensor costs have come down. Many of the gadgets can now be remotely monitored or controlled via mobile and desktop applications. Intelizon is a pioneer in GSM and Wi-Fi-based solar LED streetlights. Our proprietary hardware and communication protocols are linked with our in-house developed mobile applications. We are now able to perform health monitoring by getting information on the number of Horus the lights run every night, the solar charging efficiency, battery and LED performance - all from the comforts of your home or office.

We have a few hundred of such systems deployed in the field and are seeing the demand go up as governments and communities realize the value of remote health monitoring.

“Please tell Energetica India readers about ‘ZONSTREET” platform”

ZONSTREET is the inbuilt lithium ion-based solar streetlight platform designed and manufactured by Intelizon. This platform has solved the problems observed with previous generations of solar streetlights like theft due to external batteries, battery maintenance concerns in high temperatures and poor system performance with extended cloudy days. The smart controller designed by Intelizon provides unlimited autonomy and has no parallels globally. It allows one to provide long backup hours without having to increase the battery size. Zonstreet also uses a separate solar panel which is mounted south facing to provide proper charging during cloudy days. The world of outdoor lighting has benefited from this innovation as the proven reliability allows one to go for wireless solar lights and reduce the expense and dependence on grid lighting.

“What role does Li-ion battery play in India’s solar lightning niche?”

India is investing a massive amount in building its infrastructure. The need for wireless solar outdoor lighting provides an innovative and green power which will set the standards for smart cities and infrastructure globally. Lithium-ion battery technology has a key role in enabling these wireless solar lighting systems and is, therefore, has a large potential in the Indian context.

“What will encourage the growth of solar lighting in India?”

Solar outdoor lighting has been growing at a fast pace in India and globally. The addition of features like remote monitoring and control, surveillance cameras, EV charging is setting the path for smart lighting and smart poles. India has been a big supporter of solar and renewable energy. At the same time, the smart city initiative is in its infancy but ready to go mainstream. We expect smart green cities will set the path for solar street lighting in a big way across the country and the globe.

Interview 10/07/2019 by Moulin
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