Interview (Daniel Liu)

Daniel Liu,
Head-South Asia & Central Asia Markets at Jinko Solar Co., Ltd.

“JinkoSolar witnessed the incredible response to its high-efficiency solar modules at the REI Expo 2019. Could you please share more details on the market feedback?”

JinkoSolar is known for its market thought leadership in solar module technology. We believe in offering future technology to our customers across the globe. In continuation of these efforts, we showcased 400 Wp + high-efficiency Solar modules during this year REI. Star attraction was our Intersolar award-winning “Swan” bifacial module with DuPont™ Tedlar®-based transparent back sheet.

In addition to the N Type Swan module, JinkoSolar accentuated its leadership in the Mono PERC segment with a demonstration of three Cheetah series modules, each one suitable for distinct applications. We witnessed marvelous interest from our existing & potential clients, and other stakeholders in our high-efficiency solar modules. It underlines the fact that though India is price sensitive market, stakeholders here are eager to explore bifacial technology like Swan with a transparent backsheet, to win competitive bids.

“Recently, JinkoSolar has been named Top-Rated Bankable PV Module Supplier with “AA” Rating. What kind of recognition does it bestow upon the company?”

PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings are given by PV-Tech & Solar Media Ltd, leading global sources of in-depth news and research on the photovoltaic industry.

The benchmark ratings, which incorporate the Altman Z score that was first developed over 50 years ago to help forecast the likelihood of manufacturing companies going bankrupt, aim to balance corporate solvency with module manufacturing capabilities to help end-users understand the overall risk and financial health of their suppliers.

This rating recognizes our financial stability & the ability to fulfill our delivery commitments in a given timeframe, which are very critical in the timely completion of any Power Projects. It also refers to our business profitability.

“What are the distinctive value propositions that differentiate JinkoSolar from other industry competitors?”

JinkoSolar supplies Quality & Reliable high-efficiency solar modules. Our R&D driven approach ensures to offer advanced modules to our clients, at a competitive cost. Our vertically integrated business, financial strength, strong supply chain network & an ability to deliver within the required timeframe make us, the first choice among our target audience.
JinkoSolar brings a good amount of experience in Mono PERC Technology, to the table. We are first in the industry to introduce a bifacial module with a transparent backsheet.

In India, we ensure to adhere to BIS certifications well in advance. Also, we well equipped our Indian team with all supporting functions. It emphasizes Jinko‘s determination to stay rooted in the Indian solar market over the long term.

“Please tell us about JinkoSolar’s outlook on the Indian solar market.”

India has an enormous potential to grow due to its big economy by driven the electricity demand & state-driven bidding policies. We expect the addition of solar capacity in the range of 10-13 GW each year. There is a good level of government support to market segments like commercial & industrial and residential.

In recent bids, government agencies have proposed to opt for high-efficiency solar module technology in their bidding documents. This offers more opportunities to improve the plants' performance and generation. It can also help the Indian Government in accomplishing its ambitious renewable energy goals, in the given timeframe. It will save crucial land for future utilization.

“What are the current challenges being faced by JinkoSolar in Indian Solar Market?”

India is a strategic solar market for us, due to its inherent growth opportunities.

The major challenge is price-sensitive customers. Price is given more weight when it is compared with quality & project timelines. Another challenge is a preference for the polycrystalline module when the market trend is Mono PERC technology globally. Also, there is a short-term investment mentality of solar project developers, which leads to corner-cutting in project cost.

“What kind of R&D focus can we expect from JinkoSolar over the next 3-5 years?”

Our emphasis has always been on offering advanced technology to our esteemed clients. After our current high-efficiency solar module technology, our focus will be to deliver ultra-high efficiency solar modules, in both categories - Monofacial & Bifacial.

The global solar demand trend in the upcoming 2-4 years will be the preference of bifacial modules over mono-facial modules. This change will be due to multiple factors like land constraint, competition, higher generation expectation. It is estimated that over 30% of the monofacial pipeline projects will be switching over to bifacial. bifacial will purely serve the utility market, while mono facial will continue to be available for the residential rooftop. In addition to advanced bifacial technology, we have other key module technologies that are also leading the industry.

Interview 07/11/2019 by News Bureau
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