Interview: Andrius Terskovas

Andrius Terskovas,
Head-Business Development and Managing Partner at Sun Investment Group

“Please tell us our readers about Sun Investment Group”

Since 2016, we have started a close partnership with a medium-size Spanish EPC contractor I+D Energias, and we now operate jointly in many countries. Our track record includes successful transaction closings with a range of recognized partners: from smaller UK family offices and regional infrastructure funds to leading global asset managers like Lightsource and Aberdeen Standard Investments. Together, SIG and its subsidiaries form one of the largest solar PV-dedicated company group in Central Europe and the Baltics with over 10 years of experience in the field.

“What kind of services does SIG offer in the Renewable Energy space?”

Our core business divisions include utility-scale projects, C&I PPA projects and EPC for in-house projects.

“What kind of opportunities does SIG foresee in the European solar industry? What is the cumulative installation capacity achieved by SIG to date?”

We have successfully delivered 200 solar photovoltaic infrastructure projects, working in close collaboration with farmers, local authorities, real estate owners and businesses. Currently, we have already constructed 131 MW of power plants, and have additional 600MW in development in Poland alone, which includes both large and small scale utility-scale projects.

“Recently, SIG has ventured into Power Purchasing Agreements. Please tell us more about this development.”

We noticed a trend of C&I PPA starting to kick off in Poland and reacted to it. We fund, plan, develop, construct and connect solar farms designed specifically for business. In these projects, we charge a fixed, often index-linked rate for the generated electricity. This not only helps to reduce a company’s carbon emissions but also allows them to secure power at a rate that is guaranteed to stay the same for at least the next 15-20 years. We have the knowledge and the resources to help businesses achieve their financial and sustainability goals faster. Our in-depth knowledge has been accumulated from the time we have been working in the UK with Lightsource and SunEdison, who were 2 biggest pioneers of the C&I PPA segment in Europe. SIG is currently developing a 200+ MW pipeline of C&I clients.

“How different has the European Renewable Energy Market behaved in contrast to other key markets?”

The renewable energy market in Europe is experiencing a surge. As managing the impact of climate change is one of the key political goals for the European Union, the construction of solar and wind power plants is being subsidized and promoted by every government in the EU. The EU has declared its plans to become climate-neutral by 2050, and the energy sector plays a crucial role in achieving this. Compared to other markets, the European one has the advantage of having the European Union supporting the cause of renewables and publicly declaring its determination to become champions in energy sustainability.

“What are your thoughts on emerging Asian markets like India? Any plans to venture into the Indian renewable energy industry?”

We are not planning to venture into emerging Asian markets - our current focus is Europe, particularly Central and Eastern part of it. Speaking of the Asian market, the sheer size of the continent - both in population numbers and its area - dictates that there are great opportunities for renewables to be developed. China and its recent push for renewable energy is a great example of this trend. India, as it is heavily affected by the negative effects of fossil fuel - pollution in the cities is the most obvious example - is also in dire need of renewables. However, businesses cannot do it alone - state-wide policies promoting alternative energy sources would also have to be put in action.

“With a decade old presence, what plans does SIG has for the business?”

We believe in gaining a deep understanding of a few chosen markets. This allows us to identify new opportunities and secure bold leadership. Currently, we are looking forward to maintaining our leader position in Poland and the Baltics and strengthening our position in Italy and later explore possibilities in other European markets.

Interview 19/02/2020 by News Bureau
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