Zendure’s SuperBase Pro Power Station Wins iF Design Award

Zendure's SuperBase Pro has raised nearly $2M USD in crowdfunding and recently received several other distinctions.

April 16, 2022. By News Bureau

Zendure's SuperBase Pro has raised nearly $2M USD in crowdfunding and recently received several other distinctions.

SuperBase Pro, Zendure's flagship power station, has received the illustrious iF Design Award in outdoor products from iF Design in Germany.

The globally recognized awards celebrate products that excel in design, and the winners are selected by jurors from around the world.

Zendure's power station is called 'the world's fastest recharging IoT portable power station', capable of an 80% recharge in just one hour. It sports 14 output ports and has built-in wheels and an extending handle for easy portability.

It can provide 2,000W of pure sine wave AC power, with a surge capability of 4,000W for high inductive loads like refrigerators, compressors and air conditioners.

Internal IoT hardware gives SuperBase Pro several features that other power stations on the market do not have. Through Zendure's companion app, users can monitor and control various aspects of the power station, see its location through GPS, and even track carbon offset and green energy usage.

The power station launched on Indiegogo last year and on Makuake in Japan earlier this year, raising nearly $2 million USD from backers all around the world.

It has been popular among campers, outdoor enthusiasts and van-lifers, and is also quickly becoming a staple in emergency preparedness kits. Unlike a traditional gas-powered generator, SuperBase Pro is safe to use indoors and does not require fuel to operate.

Zendure's power station is solar friendly, so even if a disaster weakens crucial infrastructure, users can collect solar energy and power their essential devices. Photovoltaic arrays of up to 1,800W are supported by SuperBase Pro.

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