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Zendure Launches First-Ever Semi-Solid State Home Battery System

Zendure launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund SuperBase V, the first home energy system with semi-solid state batteries.

September 30, 2022. By News Bureau

Zendure launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund SuperBase V, the first home energy system with semi-solid state batteries.

Semi-solid-state batteries boast a 42% higher energy density and greater safety than lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, providing homes and businesses with more energy storage and a safer user experience.

Zendure's innovative battery management software also helps extend the lifespan of the internal cells.

SuperBase V is customizable with a capacity of 6.4kWh to 64kWh. With its 120V/240V dual-voltage output and support for solar panels and EV charging, Zendure's system sets a new standard for whole-home energy management.

A SuperBase V main unit, paired with the company's Satellite Expansion Batteries, can bring in 6.6kWh in just one hour by combining solar and AC power.

Bryan Liu, CEO and founder of Zendure, spent the first eight years of his life in a small village in rural China where there was no electricity at all. At night, he would study by the light of a kerosene lamp. When power came to his community, it was safer at night – and easier to read and learn.

"I know first-hand the incredible impact electricity and power can have for families and communities," said Liu. "As power grids strain to meet demand, individuals are looking to manage their own energy usage and ensure they have access to power when they need it the most. SuperBase V offers them the opportunity to bring safe, reliable energy into their homes and store it for on-demand use. From securing backup power during a natural disaster to storing energy from renewable sources and charging electric vehicles – there is growing demand for safe solutions that bring power independence within reach of the individual consumer."

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