Windstream to Buy Renewable Power from ENGIE Resources

Windstream, a privately held communications and software company, announced a retail renewable energy agreement with ENGIE Resources, a subsidiary of ENGIE North America.

September 24, 2021. By News Bureau

Windstream, a privately held communications and software company, announced a retail renewable energy agreement with ENGIE Resources, a subsidiary of ENGIE North America. The five-year contract extends through 2026 under which Windstream will purchase electricity and Renewable Energy Credits from ENGIE’s Live Oak wind project in Texas. This renewable energy purchase matches 100% of Windstream’s forecasted electricity consumption at more than 400 Texas locations.

The renewable energy in this agreement represents the environmental benefits of eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions from 3,505 cars per year, or the carbon sequestered by 19,744 acres of U.S. forest annually over the course of the agreement.*

"We are delighted that the Live Oak wind project will play a major part in Windstream's renewable energy solution,” said David Carroll, chief renewables officer at ENGIE North America. “As an operator of more than 3 GW of renewable energy across North America alongside leading customer solutions businesses, we are committed to being at the forefront of the energy transition and are excited to collaborate with organizations such as Windstream to accelerate those efforts."

Windstream will also achieve budget certainty throughout the term of this agreement with a fixed price structure in a simple retail contract with flexible terms.

Renewable energy is an increasingly important part of Windstream’s environmental sustainability strategy and approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from electricity consumption. Windstream formally initiated its renewable and carbon-free energy program in 2020 with the signing of its first community solar project and has continued to source other renewable opportunities.

In 2020, approximately 34% of Windstream’s companywide purchased Scope 2 electricity, which powers network locations and data centers, came from renewable and carbon-free sources. Following the agreement with ENGIE Resources, approximately 44% of Windstream’s purchased Scope 2 electricity now comes from these sources. The company is working toward a goal of purchasing 50% of its Scope 2 electricity from renewable and carbon-free sources by 2025.

“Windstream is committed to environmental stewardship, and this agreement with ENGIE Resources is the latest step in our ongoing effort to reduce carbon emissions,” said Mark Reed, chief procurement officer for Windstream. “Renewable energy sources are key to driving down emissions. To contribute to this vital worldwide effort, our corporate sustainability program combines common-sense strategies with ambitious long-term initiatives to become more resource efficient, enabling us to make improvements while balancing the needs of our customers, employees, and owners.”

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