Waaree Solar PV Modules pass Type 1 fire testing for UL certification

Waaree Energies Ltd. has announced that its solar PV modules have been certified with UL 1703 for integration with all Class A rated mounting systems The UL 1703 standard requires PV systems or modules fire classification must match the minimum fire classification of the roof assembly over which they are mounted. This Type-1 module rating from Intertek , which is an leading Photovoltaic (PV) & Solar Panel Testing and Certification group indicates that our modules resist fire very well owing to the module's design.

The UL 1703 is a Standard for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels. The fire safety requirements have evolved in the earthquake zone of California. Waaree modules are manufactured in India to the highest International standards of safety, quality and workmanship.

Standards & Certifications | News published on 15/07/2016 by Moulin

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