Vestas to Deliver Blades, Nacelles, Towers for Japan’s First Utility-Scale Offshore Wind Project

Vestas has currently manufactured all the blades, nacelles and most of the tower sections for Akita Offshore Wind Corporation's Akita Noshiro Offshore Wind Farm Project.

October 25, 2021. By News Bureau

Vestas has currently manufactured all the blades, nacelles and most of the tower sections for Akita Offshore Wind Corporation's Akita Noshiro Offshore Wind Farm Project.

The project will be Japan's first utility-scale offshore wind farm, with Vestas installing all 33 of the project's V117-4.2 MW™ wind turbines. Delivery of the components is expected to arrive at Akita Port in December of this year.

During Vestas' scope of installation, the project will require a diversely skilled workforce across electrical and civil engineering, transportation, land and marine crane operation and project management.

The expertise and services from local subcontractors will make up approximately 60% of the site's personnel.

Bringing Vestas' world-leading offshore wind experience to the market, the construction team will apply a plug and play approach to the installation of the wind turbines.

This will begin at the pre-assembly area of Akita Port where full assembly, including internals of the towers, preparation of the blades, and a final power test of the nacelles, will be performed.

Requiring precision and efficiency, this key stage of pre-assembly, in ideal condition, will allow for five streamlined crane lifts during the offshore installation for each turbine.

This will involve all turbine components, including the blades. Mobilization of the pre-assembly area at Akita Port will commence in November.

"Through our partnership with Akita Offshore Wind Corporation, development of the Akita Noshiro Offshore Wind Farm Project will allow Vestas to bring our world-leading offshore experience to Japan's promising market," said Netoshi Kuriyama, Country Manager of Vestas Japan & Representative Director of Vestas Japan Co. Ltd. 

"Japan is one of Vestas' priority markets and we will continue to work closely with our customers, local community and the government to propel the country's clean energy transition through our best-in-class energy solutions," said Purvin Patel, President of Vestas Asia Pacific.

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