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Vestas Secures 42 MW Repowering Project in Germany

The project is located in a former iron ore mining area that is intended to be reused for renewable energy production.

December 30, 2023. By News Bureau

Vestas has received a firm order from WindStrom Erneuerbare Energien GmbH & Co.KG for the Schacht Konrad II repowering project in Salzgitter, Lower Saxony. The project is located in a former iron ore mining area that is intended to be reused for renewable energy production.

The order consists of four V162-6.2 MW and three V162-5.6 MW wind turbines and will replace the legacy turbines currently powering the site, which will increase the energy output and extend the lifetime of the project site.

Upon completion, Vestas will service the turbines under a 20-years Active Output Management 4000 (AOM 4000) service agreement designed to ensure optimised performance of the assets.

“The Schacht Konrad II repowering project is one of a kind in terms of infrastructure, taking advantage of the former iron ore mining area’s perfect wind speeds for our EnVentus fleet”, states Sulai Fahimi, Vestas Vice President Sales Central. “This is a great example for the German energy market’s rapid transformation from fossils to renewables. We are delighted to be the chosen supplier for this repowering project, and I am looking forward to seeing this project being executed with our trusted customer WindStrom”.

“We built and commissioned the first wind turbine in the Schacht Konrad wind farm in 2000. Now, with the repowering, the second generation of wind turbines is being erected in this area, which will supply renewable electricity over the coming decades with a 4 to 5-fold increase in output,” says Christoph Schramke, managing director at WindStrom Erneuerbare Energien. “Thanks to the reliable and uncomplicated co-operation with the immission control authority of the city of Salzgitter, it was possible to obtain approval for this project within eight months.  The trusting and cooperative relationship with the landowners, which has existed for 20 years, also contributed significantly to the success of the project. Finally, we have a long-standing, reliable relationship with Vestas with which we can now realise the next generation of turbines.”

Turbine delivery is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2025 with commissioning scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2025.  

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