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Solis Conducts EPM Solutions Training in India

With the rapid development in Indian commercial and industrial markets. Solis focuses on optimized for local markets and serviced by local experienced teams,...

Training & Education | 12/07/2019 | By Moulin 580 readings

ISA Calls for Stakeholders for Consultation Meeting on Open Training Program for Technicians

The purpose behind the program is to deliver training & placement to technicians in the field of solar energy to support the ISA programs such as –...

Training & Education | 07/06/2019 | By Moulin 492 readings

Change from kerosene to solar to advance power supply for households: IISD-TERI Report

The report titled 'Policy Approaches for a Kerosene to Solar Subsidy Swap in India', shows support for off-grid solar that could be made available directly...

Training & Education | 18/04/2019 | By Moulin 801 readings

Magenta Power Institutes MITRA for Training and Education in Green Energy Solutions

The certificate course, is a great introduction for those new to the field, those who are looking to make a career change, or those who just want to learn more...

Training & Education | 16/04/2019 | By Moulin 711 readings

IEEMA Inks Agreement with PSSC for Training Budding Electricians

An amount of Rs. 21 lakhs will be capitalized in the skill development activities in ‘Electrician Domestic Solutions’ field warranting that more...

Training & Education | 04/03/2019 | By Moulin 702 readings

Schneider Electric Conducts Its Annual APPS Course, for Engineers and Technical Experts

In line with the government’s National Training Policy (NTP) the course is designed for engineers seeking to enhance their expertise in protection and...

Training & Education | 19/02/2019 | By Moulin 717 readings

Schneider Electric Launches Go Green in the City 2019

The challenges are connected to Schneider Electric’s sustainability business strategyand reflects the company’s commitment with UN’s Sustainable...

Training & Education | 16/01/2019 | By Moulin 1062 readings

Sungrow Strives Towards Building futures for India’s Young Generation

The company has conducted a series of “Solar Inverter Technical” CSR workshops in India, which are aimed to provide a platform for the students...

Training & Education | 27/12/2018 | By Moulin 1016 readings

Schneider Electric's "Powering Jobs" campaign aims to expand training in energy sector

To meet the urgent training needs in low energy access countries

Training & Education | 02/11/2018 | By Moulin 1424 readings

Sungrow for the first time launches the CSR Program to create awareness of Solar in India.

Sungrow takes initiative for the first time and launches CSR Program (Corporate Social Responsibility) successfully in India to create awareness of Solar at...

Training & Education | 29/10/2018 | By Moulin 1200 readings

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