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Top RE Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

From TOPCon technology to hydrogen powered vehicles, various trends will offer new opportunities for innovation in the renewable energy sector.

January 01, 2024. By Anurima Mondal

India is steering towards a revolutionary energy future to achieve a staggering 500 GW of non-fossil fuel-based energy by 2030. As the sector continues its upward trajectory, here is a sneak peek into five exciting trends that are poised to shape the renewable energy industry in 2024. 

TOPCon Technology: Continuous innovation in solar technology is one of the most significant contributors to India's renewable energy growth. The efficiency and ‘bifaciality’ rate of TOPCon modules have encouraged Indian companies to invest in manufacturing such modules and come up with new models. Backed by the government's investment in their manufacturing, high-efficiency solar modules are at the forefront of this revolution. Besides enhancing energy production, these modules make solar power cost-effective, paving the way for widespread adoption.

AI in Smart Grids: The integration of smart grids into the energy infrastructure is revolutionizing the way electricity is generated and distributed. These grids use advanced communication and control technologies to optimize the flow of electricity, reducing wastage and ensuring a more efficient and reliable energy distribution network. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning, data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are driving the advancement of smart grids.

Advanced Energy Storage Systems: As the demand for renewable energy grows, the need for efficient energy storage becomes paramount. Innovations in energy storage systems, including improved batteries and other storage technologies, are addressing the intermittency issues associated with renewable sources. This ensures a more stable and continuous power supply. Advanced storage solutions, such as grid-scale batteries, enable the storage of excess energy generated during sunny or windy periods.

Hydrogen Powered Vehicles: India's push towards green hydrogen production is a significant step towards a cleaner and greener future. Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy sources, is a clean and versatile energy carrier. Its applications range from industrial processes to transportation, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional fuels. India is expected to see momentum for hydrogen-powered vehicles in transportation.

The trends coupled with the commitment of educational institutions to provide specialized training, paint a promising picture for 2024. To fuel the workforce behind these innovations, various educational institutions such as UPES ON, BBDEC and AD Patel Institute of Technology are offering specialized programs in renewable energy.

India's renewable energy sector is not just witnessing growth; it is transforming the country's energy landscape!
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