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The Switch’s permanent magnet generator chosen for Atlantis tidal turbine

It received an order to deliver medium-speed generator for Atlantis Resources Ltd AR1500 turbine drive train

April 13, 2015. By Moulin

During March 2015, Atlantis confirmed an order with The Switch foran integrated PM medium-speed generator that resulted from a successfully completed pre-design project carried out in 2014.The Switch generator will be used in its newest AR1500 turbine, which will be one of the world's highest yield tidal generation devices. It is designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions expected in Scotland and Canada. The turbine is scheduled for delivery to the MeyGen project in Q1 2016.

The Switch also had a significant role to pay in the design of the gearbox and generator mating interface. “By integrating the generator and gearbox as a pre-tested module, we are reducing assembly risk, reducing cost and improving reliability through the reduction in the number of bearings and assembly stages required prior to full commissioning of the nacelle,” says Drew Blaxland, ARL Chief Technology Officer.

The AR1500 is an active pitch, full yaw, horizontal axis tidal turbine with a rated power output of 1.5 megawatts achieved at flow rates of three meters per second. The design intent is to deliver the lowest cost of energy through military specification reliability and intelligent simplicity.

MeyGen, the company leading the project and largely owned by Atlantis, plans to deliver a fully operational renewable energy plantpowered purely by the tide, starting with 6MW in Phase 1a in 2016, and growing to almost 400 MW. This amount is the equivalent of generating electricity to power 400,000 Scottish homes.

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