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The First Turbines for Goldwind's Usak Project in Turkey Have Shipped

The first batch of equipment for Goldwind's Usak project in Turkey shipped out without a hitch.

November 18, 2022. By News Bureau

The first batch of equipment for Goldwind's Usak project in Turkey shipped out without a hitch.

The project, located in Usak Province, Turkey, will be powered by 17 Goldwind GW165-6.0MW smart wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 102MW. After completion, the project will provide electricity to 73,000 Turkish households, eliminating 220,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The facility will set two records in the Turkish wind power market - the largest stand-alone capacity in the region and the largest capacity project in three years.

The project's developer, Aydem Energy, is one of the leaders in the Turkish energy market with a history going back 40 years and extensive reach into the sector.

Aydem Energy and Goldwind, who plan to work closely together on the project, have said that, through innovation and strict adherence to their environmental responsibilities, they expect the project to become a new benchmark in the Turkish market, while also acting as a catalyst for the development of a local renewable energy industry that provides affordable, reliable and sustainable green energy to the whole of Asia Minor.

The shipment and construction of the Usak project signals the beginning of a new chapter in the development of the Turkish energy market.

Goldwind's participation in the project opens the way for their involvement in further green energy collaborations under the umbrella of the Belt and Road initiative, while creating a new business model for China's wind power going abroad.

As part of its ongoing commitment to deliver clean water and blue skies to all and always make the best use of all existing resources, the company will seek to collaborate with likeminded partners to build a sustainable and better future.

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