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Tecnimont and Nextchem Announce First Green Hydrogen Production Plant for GAIL in MP

The facility will produce 4.3 tons per day of green hydrogen via 10 megawatt-based electrolysers, making the state-owned gas utility GAIL the first company to start megawatt-scale operations for the production of green hydrogen.

July 10, 2024. By News Bureau

In a landmark move for India's sustainable energy ambitions, Tecnimont Private Limited, in collaboration with NEXTCHEM, has unveiled the nation's first green hydrogen production plant in Vijaipur, Madhya Pradesh. 

The facility, commissioned for GAIL (India) Limited, represents a pivotal step towards integrating renewable energy solutions into the country's industrial infrastructure. The firm said that  the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art 10 megawatt-based electrolysers, the plant has the capacity to produce 4.3 tons of green hydrogen daily.

“This development positions GAIL as a trailblazer among India's state-owned utilities in scaling up green hydrogen production, supporting the government's ambitious Hydrogen Mission,” said the firm in its note. 

By aiming to achieve 5 million tons of annual green hydrogen production by 2030, India is bolstering its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and achieving energy independence.

Alessandro Bernini, CEO of MAIRE Group, parent company of Tecnimont, expressed pride in the project's significance, emphasizing its strategic role in advancing sustainable solutions in India's energy sector. “The Vijaipur plant not only serves as a flagship initiative but also sets a benchmark for future renewable energy projects across the region,” said Bernini.

Green hydrogen holds immense promise in revolutionizing various sectors, including renewable energy storage, industrial fuel applications, and clean transportation. This initiative underscores its potential to play a transformative role in India's energy landscape, supporting efforts towards a cleaner, greener future.
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