Tata Power honoured for active participation in “Electrical Safety Week”

Tata Power has announced that it has been awarded a certificate of appreciation along with a memento for active participation in Electrical Safety Week in Mumbai.

Four divisions from Tata Power, Hydro, Transmission, Transmission Projects and Distribution were awarded certificates for their commendable safety measures and zero incidents in the last one year. The Electrical Safety Week, organized by the Govt. of Maharashtra, incorporated several events such as rallies, street plays, demonstrations and distribution of promotional material.

The inauguration session of the week, presided over by the Energy Minister, was attended by more than 40 employees from Tata Power. Nearly 65 employees participated in the Suraksha Rally, from Shivaji Park to Tilak Nagar and demonstrated several safety posters, hand bills and equipment for awareness of the general public. All the employees participated with great enthusiasm and were awarded certificates by the Electrical inspector, Mumbai

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashok Sethi, COO & Executive Director, said, “We are delighted that our efforts to promote safety and ensure safe working conditions around our project areas, have been appreciated. Safety has always been a core value at Tata Power and we will continue organizing such initiatives in the future, for the betterment and well- being of surrounding communities.”

The Chief Electrical Inspector presented the certificate of appreciation to Vijay Chourey, Rajendra Saraf and Suresh Sanvatsarkar, who received the honor on behalf of Tata power. A TV program sponsored by Tata Power was also part of the Electrical Safety week, wherein a discussion on electrical safety was held with Electrical Inspectors and witnessed the active participation of Mr. P. L Manjrekar from Tata Power. A street play on safety was also organized and the team was sent to various districts and villages across Maharashtra.

Standards & Certifications | News published on 24/02/2016 by Moulin

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