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TAILG Launches Advanced Sodium-Ion Battery Technology in China

TAILG's luxury e-bikes will be the first to feature the sodium-ion batteries, and they will initially be available in China.

December 30, 2023. By News Bureau

TAILG announced the release of its latest sodium-ion battery technology, marking the beginning of a new era for electric two-wheelers. The technology features exceptional long-range capabilities, extended warranties, superior low-temperature resistance, and enhanced safety.

TAILG's luxury e-bikes will be the first to feature the sodium-ion batteries, and they will initially be available in China.

The global electric two-wheeler market is currently growing at a rate of over 20% per year. Despite this progress, range anxiety remains a significant hurdle to the industry's advancement.

TAILG's sodium-ion battery solution, which was launched globally at the China (Beijing) Light Electric Vehicle Battery Forum, marks a significant milestone in the two-wheeler sector, ushering in a new era of sodium-ion batteries. As TAILG's first sodium-ion battery, it also demonstrates TAILG's strong commitment to long-range solutions.

TAILG will apply the sodium-ion battery to its luxury e-bike range for the mid-to-premium consumer market.

As the first in the industry to launch electric two-wheelers equipped with sodium-ion batteries, TAILG aims to capitalize on its first-mover advantage to create a complete ecosystem. The strategy involves developing a comprehensive ecosystem encompassing R&D, products, and marketing, positioning TAILG for a systematic competitive edge in the sodium-ion battery market.

At TAILG's recent 20th anniversary celebration, the company's board reiterated its commitment to prioritizing customer needs and enhancing the user experience in their future endeavors. Additionally, they announced intentions to broaden their global reach, aligning with their ambition to emerge as the world's top brand.

Chen Yingsheng, Vice President and President of the Overseas Business Group at TAILG, announced the formation of an operation team as part of their localization strategy. This move aims to set a global benchmark. TAILG, already renowned for its worldwide R&D and design center, is committed to innovation and efficiency. Leveraging the Group's robust manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, TAILG has effectively established a global footprint in intelligent manufacturing.

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