Sungrow Strives Towards Building futures for India’s Young Generation

As part of the journey to attract talent and empower the young generation, Sungrow has announced that it has conducted a series of “Solar Inverter Technical” CSR workshops in India, which are aimed to provide a platform for the students to share creative insights towards PV system solutions, and increased their employability in the renewable energy industry.

With the share of renewable energy in the overall generation mix rising across India, there are 300,000 job openings in the solar sectorforachieving its target of commissioning 175 GW of renewable energy by 2020. However, the lack of employees’ trained with techniques andskillsisan existing gap and ongoing challenge within India’s workforce. This gap is increasingly recognized as a barrier to realize the country’s renewable energy target.

Knowledge sharing and talent development are among the verticals of Sungrow’s CSR program. The main objective of this technical workshop is to enhance the employability of the college students bygiving them a complete overview of all trends, developments and technology innovations of renewable energy, and impart our latest inverter technologiesthrough a comprehensive curriculum comprising theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in solar industry.

For overtwo decades,Sungrowhas committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibilityby building PV power plants, libraries and providing scholarships to a collection of schools, which brings a positive change in society and drives sustained benefit for the Company’s business.

“We are pleased with the enthusiasm and interest from the students and see this as a way of help them to gain the knowledge and skills to contribute professionally to renewable-energy industry." commentedYukun Hu, Country Manager of Sungrow India. "Sungrow will continuously fulfill corporate social responsibility to achieve a clean energy sustainable future for India.”

Training & Education | News published on 27/12/2018 by News Bureau

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