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Sungrow Inks 15 GW Cumulative PV Inverter Orders in Latin America

The Company introduced several innovations including the new three-phase 220V string inverters, the 1+X Modular Inverter, EV Chargers, and more.

August 31, 2023. By News Bureau

Sungrow announced its cumulative PV inverter orders signed in Latin America have reached 15 GW, among which the primary momentum is Brazil with 10 GW, during Intersolar South America. 

In addition, the Company introduced several innovations including the new three-phase 220V string inverters, the 1+X Modular Inverter, EV Chargers, and more.

Sungrow offers a comprehensive portfolio of both one-phase and three-phase PV inverters for the residential market. This year, the Company also introduced its residential solar-plus-storage solution, integrating hybrid inverters and high-voltage batteries to address potential blackouts.

Catering specifically to the three-phase 220V micro-generation (capacity <75 kVA) solar market, Sungrow unveiled its latest commercial inverters -- SG15/20/25CX-P2-LV. Boasting power ratings of 15/20/25 kW, these products feature a DC input current of 30A per MPPT and are compatible with larger format PV modules exceeding 550W.

Notably, Sungrow showcased its EV chargers for the first time at Intersolar South America. The 22 kW AC EV charger and 30 kW DC EV charger, targeted at the future EV market, garnered significant attention.

In addition, Sungrow displayed the iSolarCloud platform which can monitor and manage the project, featuring a more streamlined design and smarter analysis functions, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance.

Sungrow has been a dominant force in the utility-scale PV market in Latin America for several years. The 1+X Modular Inverter, a flagship solution for the utility-scale market, combines the advantages of both central and string inverters.

With a 1.1 MW single unit as the minimum and expandable up to 8.8 MW by combing eight units together, this innovation provides flexibility in design for different blocks sizes and simplifies on-site operation and maintenance. Each module features an independent MPPT, further enhancing the power generation capacity of the power plant.

The markets in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and the Dominican Republic are projected to continue their upward trend. Sungrow continues to play a leading position in the local PV market with high-quality, efficient, and affordable solar solutions. In addition to its commitments in the PV sector, Sungrow offers energy storage systems (ESS) to tackle the volatility and intermittence of renewable energy. The Company supplied its liquid cooled ESS PowerTitan to the 638MWh Coya project.

“The achievement of 15 GW is a significant milestone in contributing to this dynamic market. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with more partners to showcase exemplary climate leadership in the coming years, playing a pivotal role in the local renewable energy transition,” said Ada Li, Vice President of Sungrow Americas.

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