Sungrow India Roadshow Technical Seminar.

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewable energy, In continuous series of Sungrow Technical Roadshows in India, Mumbai Roadshow was a successful event attracted with the unique Mobile Showroom to better demonstrate its String and Central inverters and solar system itself. The journey continues to demonstratethe important role that technology, quality and innovation plays in the renewable energy, Sungrow India  the event was held at the Orchid hotel, Mumbai.

Thisevent, has given the better understanding for the selection of, string and central inverter at the time of project execution, highlights the latest R&D in solar technologies and market-ready applications (in India and overseas) with focus on the role of Utility and String Invertersand the future products of Sungrow.Customers, shared their worries regarding the service of inverter at the project site, and appreciated the efforts of Sungrow specially for committed to after sales service. The current market penetration and the prospect on becoming cost-effective in future. With a mission of “Clean power for all& with a vision of become a global leader of power conversion technology, SUNGROW isalways committed to optimize all kind of resources to better meet our customer’s needs. With such unique roadshow technical seminar, we exchange knowledge and understand customer point of view to better serve for long run.

Training & Education | News published on 09/05/2018 by Moulin

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