STMicroelectronics Signs Agreement with SP Group to Install Singapore's Largest District Cooling System at its Manufacturing Unit

STMicroelectronics and SP Group (SP) announced the signing of an agreement to install a district cooling system at ST AMK TechnoPark.

June 03, 2022. By News Bureau

STMicroelectronics and SP Group (SP) announced the signing of an agreement to install a district cooling system at ST AMK TechnoPark.

At an estimated project value of 370 million USD over 20 years, it will be Singapore's largest district cooling system (DCS) to be implemented for an industrial development when operational in 2025.

Under the agreement, SP will design, build, own and operate the DCS, providing chilled-water-as-a-service to meet both the manufacturing and spatial cooling needs of ST.

With a cooling capacity of up to 36,000 refrigerant tons (RT), it will help ST achieve 20 per cent savings in cooling-related electricity consumption annually by improving aggregated chiller system efficiency, as well as enable ST to reduce carbon emissions of up to 120,000 tons per year for ST Technopark, equivalent to taking 109,090 cars off the road.

This decarbonization is a result of lower energy consumption and an increased capacity to incorporate solar energy and Perfluorocarbons (PFC) abatement equipment by repurposing more than 4,000 square meters (sqm) of chiller plant space that will be freed up once the DCS is operational. 

"The cooling system in Singapore will be ST's first deployment of district cooling at a manufacturing facility globally and is a strong statement of our commitment to our target to become carbon neutral globally by 2027," said Rajita D'Souza, President of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility at STMicroelectronics.

Group Chief Executive Officer of SP, Stanley Huang, said, "District Cooling is a key sustainable energy solution to empower a low-carbon future for cities, townships, and industrial parks. To enable the decarbonization of Singapore's industrial sector, we have customized this solution to help energy-intensive manufacturing developments such as STMicroelectronics' TechnoPark reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint in line with their sustainability strategies. With our full suite of sustainable energy solutions including solar and electric vehicle charging, we look forward to collaborating with ST to meet its net-zero targets."  

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