Stable grid is necessary to meet India's energy goals, states study

A stud published by Assocham-Pwc mentions that India needs a stable grid network that can meet the weather fluctuations. The stable grid network will then ensure the generation of maximum energy even when there are weather fluctuations

December 23, 2019. By Hemant Arora

Recently published Assocham-Pwc study states that a stable grid network is necessary to meet up India's ambitious target to meet more than half of India’s energy requirements from renewable sources. The stable grid network that can meet the weather fluctuations will ensure generation of maximum energy from renewables. 

The study mentions that the feasibility of ramping up the contribution of renewable energy to 54 per cent of the total energy mix by 2029-30 depends on a back-up solution that can stabilise the grids, irrespective of the weather conditions. 

Today, solar and wind constitutes 40 percent of the total installed capacity. But it is variable in nature as it is dependent on changes in weather pattern. The study mentions that the renewable energy generation is the highest between June and July and the least in November.

According to the report, the present system has less time to react to power deficits. Hence, an additional balancing capacity is essential to ensure the reliability and stability of grids. 

The report stated, “If the target of 450GW is met, renewable energy will account for 54 per cent of the generation mix. This will have an impact on grid stability. At present, the sector only uses slow tertiary reserves to meet the ramp up/ramp down requirement. Flexible reserves such as pumps, batteries and ancillary services are needed to meet the net load and maintain grid security and stability,”.

Yogesh Daruka, partner at energy, Pwc, said, “The regulatory and market framework in India is still emerging and there is a need to incentivise other forms of grid balancing services”. 

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