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Spearmint Energy Successfully Completes 150 MW BESS Project in West Texas

Revolution stands as one of the largest BESS projects in the United States.

January 08, 2024. By Abha Rustagi

Spearmint Energy, a leading next-generation renewable energy company, has announced the successful completion of 'Revolution,' its 150 MW, 300 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) project in West Texas. 

Revolution stands as one of the largest BESS projects in the United States and has commenced commercial operation to bolster a low-cost, clean, and resilient grid for homes and businesses across the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

The project, boasting 134 battery containers containing 6,432 Sungrow battery modules and 45 power conversion system (PCS) units, was executed by a dedicated workforce of 34 Mortenson craft team members and trade partners.

Approximately 42,000 working hours were invested in the installation, and the entire project was completed on schedule, within budget, and with a remarkable 100 percent injury-free record, underscoring the shared commitment to safety.

Andrew Waranch, Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Spearmint Energy, expressed pride in the successful commencement of commercial operation at Revolution. “We are proud to commence commercial operation at Revolution, our debut grid-scale storage project, to reliably deliver energy throughout ERCOT whenever and wherever it is needed. The project’s completion marks a major milestone for Spearmint as we cement our position as a leader in Texas’ fast-growing battery storage market,” he said. 

The completion of Revolution marks a major milestone for Spearmint Energy, showcasing its capability to contribute to a sustainable energy landscape. Waranch acknowledged the pivotal role played by partners, including Mortenson and Sungrow, in ensuring the project's success. 

The company looks forward to meeting Texas' growing demand for electricity, particularly in light of climate change and the increasing costs of natural gas and oil.

Revolution's groundbreaking began in collaboration with Mortenson, and it achieved mechanical completion with the installation of Sungrow's PowerTitan Series battery energy storage system. 

In October, Spearmint secured a USD 92 million tax equity investment in Revolution from Greenprint Capital Management, illustrating a noteworthy application of the Investment Tax Credit structure for a standalone battery energy storage system following the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. 
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