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Solis Opens New Training Centre in Mumbai

The Company is committed to providing swift after-sales support and regular training sessions.

December 19, 2023. By Anurima Mondal

Solis has announced the opening of its new Service & Training Centre in Mumbai. With the new centre, the Company is committed to providing swift after-sales support and regular training sessions. Touted to be the third-largest PV inverter manufacturer, Solis is known for timely assistance and continuous education to empower people.
Earlier in an interview with Energetica India, Idrish Khan, Chief Technology Officer, Ginlong (Solis) Technologies had spoken about the commitment of Solis to provide good after-sales service.
“It is important for inverter enterprises to provide good after-sales service and operation and maintenance. As the brain of the whole photovoltaic system, the inverter undertakes the monitoring role of the entire photovoltaic power station. Once the system fault information occurs, it will always be fed back through the inverter first. At Solis, our local experts are committed to providing ‘timely, efficient, high quality, worry-free’ service for each of our customers globally. We hold face-to-face technical training for customers,” he said.
The new facility will be a training hub of expertise and innovation for Ginlong (Solis) Technologies.
Solis recently announced its prestigious inclusion in the ‘GlocalIN Top 50 Technology Faces of Chinese Global Enterprises’ corporate map. Renowned for its reliability and cutting-edge technology, the Company has been pivotal in advancing global energy transition efforts.
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