Solar Power Assist South Central Railway Save Rs 1 Crore on Energy Bills

While executing measures intended at harnessing renewable energy and sustaining energy, the South Central Railway (SCR) is reducing energy costs through the installation of solar panels at stations, service buildings and Level Crossing gates across the zone.

According to SCR, over 55 railway stations are being provided with solar plants across the zone, including at Secunderabad, Hyderabad and Kacheguda and in each region alone, the SCR has saved over Rs 1 crore per annum with solar power since December last year. “One of the significant actions taken in this direction has been the installation of solar panels at stations and service buildings across the zone,” read a statement from the Indian Railways.

SCR is also concentrating on providing solar roofs to small establishments and wayside railway stations which in turn helps save energy and costs while ensuring uninterrupted power supply. “The eco-friendly initiatives will be extended to major stations where power consumption is high. The use of star-labelled electrical equipment, LED fittings, energy-efficient pumps, provision of occupancy sensors, etc has helped in saving energy,” said SCR.

Solar PV | News published on 14/01/2020 by Moulin

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