Solar manufacturing

Azuri GrowFast Solar Irrigation System Named Winner of UN Uganda RE Fund

GrowFast from Azuri offers farmers an innovative and affordable pay-as-you-go solar irrigation bundle that includes a smartphone with GrowFast app, as well...

Solar manufacturing | 01/03/2019 | By Moulin 358 readings

CCEA Sanctions Proposal worth Rs 8,580 Crores to Sustain Domestic Solar Manufacturing

This is to present a boost to local solar module manufacturing industry which has been indolent ever since India lost its case at the World Trade Organisation...

Solar manufacturing | 08/02/2019 | By Moulin 359 readings

GeoT*SOL 2019 Version Adapted to the Latest Developments and Guidelines

In addition to the heat performance factor, the program calculates the annual energy yields and makes statements on cost-effectiveness and emission reduction...

Solar manufacturing | 06/02/2019 | By Moulin 328 readings

Inkjet’ Solar Panels Positioned To Redesign Green Energy

These solar panels coated with the mineral are light, flexible, efficient, and inexpensive and come in varying hues and degrees of precision. And, can effortlessly...

Solar manufacturing | 04/02/2019 | By Moulin 501 readings

NTPC issues tender to register Solar Module Suppliers and Manufacturers

Last date of submitting the registration application is December 11, 2018. The scope of work includes the manufacture, supply, packing and forwarding, transportation,...

Solar manufacturing | 06/12/2018 | By Moulin 558 readings

Joint Venture signed between DEGER Energie GmbH and KAVITSU GROUP for Solar Tracking System

DEGER Energie GmbH & Co. KG, Germany based leading manufacturer of single and dual axis Solar Tracking Systems, which helps in harvesting maximum solar...

Solar manufacturing | 05/09/2018 | By Hemant Arora 936 readings

SECI - Queries of pre-bid meeting on selection of solar power developers of 5GW plant

Queries of pre-bid meeting : Selection of solar power developers for setting up of 5GW (per annum) solar manufacturing plant linked with power purchase agreements...

Solar manufacturing | 25/06/2018 | By Moulin 811 readings

MNRE seeks stakeholder comments on “Concept Note on Solar PV Manufacturing Scheme”.

MNRE seeks stakeholder comments on “Concept Note on Solar PV Manufacturing Scheme”, latest by 31.12.2017

Solar manufacturing | 18/12/2017 | By Moulin 1928 readings

Arctech Solar hits 2GW installed capacity milestone in India

Arctech Solar, one of the world's leading manufacturers and solution providers of solar tracking and racking systems, officially announced that its Indian Subsidiary’s...

Solar manufacturing | 27/07/2017 | By Moulin 2454 readings

NEXTracker to Expand Manufacturing in India.

NEXTracker, a Flex company, announced today it will be manufacturing additional structural components of its solar tracking systems locally in India. Association...

Solar manufacturing | 17/03/2017 | By Moulin 2814 readings

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