Solar manufacturing

COVID-19 Supply Disruptions Offer Scope for Change in Indian Solar Manufacturing Model

While the import activity saw a decline, Indian solar exports fared well in the same period. With the lockdown causing expected hindrance to manufacturing in...

Solar manufacturing | 25/06/2020 | By Moulin 223 readings

Government Contemplates Basic Customs Duty on Solar Equipment

However, solar energy developers are of the view that basic customs duty (BCD) on solar equipment will be counterproductive for the segment in view of India's...

Solar manufacturing | 23/06/2020 | By Moulin 237 readings

Industry Leaders Campaign for U-Turn on Government Clean Heat Plans

The effective ban on heat pumps beyond off-grid domestic settings and rare district heat initiatives has been described by the campaign as an impending “energy...

Solar manufacturing | 08/06/2020 | By Moulin 227 readings

GoSun Releases World’s First Portable Solar-Powered Water Purifier and Sanitation System

Through years of development, GoSun has designed the Flow to make everyone’s outdoor water needs as easy as possible. It is unrivaled for both water purification...

Solar manufacturing | 13/05/2020 | By Moulin 252 readings

HyperSolar, Suzhou GH Partners to Fast-track Production of Renewable Solar Hydrogen Panels

“Using our low-cost method to produce renewable hydrogen, we intend to enable a world of distributed hydrogen production for renewable electricity and...

Solar manufacturing | 14/04/2020 | By Moulin 273 readings

NREL Researchers Develops Technique Enhancing Safety of Lead-Based Perovskite Solar Cells

The light-absorbing layer in a perovskite solar cell contains a minute amount of lead. The presence of this toxic material in the developing technology could...

Solar manufacturing | 24/02/2020 | By Moulin 339 readings

Solar Powered Home Systems Refining Quality of Life in Southeast Asia: GOGLA Report

While 90 percent of households said they feel safer with off-grid solar SHS, 11 percent conceded that usage of SHS help generate additional income, as per the...

Solar manufacturing | 17/02/2020 | By Moulin 320 readings

NEXTracker Releases NX Navigator Control System for Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants

ith an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), NX Navigator builds on the company's proven TrueCapture™ system with new monitoring data, maintenance...

Solar manufacturing | 05/02/2020 | By Moulin 292 readings

Picosun's ALD Technology Assists to Fight Climate Change

In the current Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coating methods, relatively thick films need to be grown to obtain the desired level of performance to reach...

Solar manufacturing | 30/01/2020 | By Moulin 389 readings

JinkoSolar Collaborates with SISP to Develop Solar Cell for Space Application

Innovators and engineers from both sides will co-develop space-based photovoltaic cells with a more efficient, low-cost, robust silicon wafer as the supporting...

Solar manufacturing | 08/01/2020 | By Moulin 369 readings

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