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Sinopec Publishes China Energy Outlook 2060

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation officially published the 'China Energy Outlook 2060' in Beijing.

December 30, 2022. By News Bureau

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation officially published the 'China Energy Outlook 2060' in Beijing.

This is Sinopec's first publicly released research findings of their medium and long-term energy outlook, providing a new perspective for the scientific planning of transformation and development of China's energy and chemical industries.

This in the context of the 'Dual-Carbon' goals laid out by the Chinese government, with the core goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.


According to the Outlook, a project of the Sinopec Economics & Development Research Institute, China's primary energy consumption is expected to peak at approximately 6.03 billion tons of standard coal between 2030 and 2035, and reduce to about 5.6 billion tons of standard coal in 2060.

The energy-related carbon emissions are expected to peak at around 9.9 billion tons by 2030 after excluding the carbon sequestration of raw material energy use, and drop to 1.7 billion tons in 2060, achieving carbon neutrality through Carbon Capture Usage Storage (CCUS) technology, and carbon sinks, amongst other methods.

The report, detailing China's energy consumption and carbon emission projections of major stages leading to 2060, has put forward the concept of an 'energy balance triangle' based on the comprehensive research of the history of global energy development, key factors influencing energy transformation, major trends, and the future path of energy development.

"The Outlook is Sinopec's latest achievement in exploring the high-quality energy development in China and reflects our observations and understandings on the laws of energy evolution with systematic judgement on the future trends of China's energy development," noted Zhao Dong, president of Sinopec. 

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