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Shanghai Electric Offers Industry Insights at the 7th Global Offshore Wind Summit

The 7th Global Offshore Wind Summit was held in Hainan province, China, with Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. serving as the organizer.

November 18, 2022. By News Bureau

The 7th Global Offshore Wind Summit was held in Hainan province, China with Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. serving as the organizer.

The company's chairman, Miao Jun, delivered a speech on industry developments at the opening ceremony.

This year's event, themed 'Enhancing innovation-focused efforts to promote the smooth and orderly development of offshore wind power' brought together world leaders and industry peers to discuss development opportunities for offshore wind power worldwide, provide insights into policies that support the industry, identify the most cutting-edge trends in technology, and take a deeper look at where the industry is headed.

Miao said, "As one of the forum's organizers and a company that serves as a benchmark for the development of offshore wind power worldwide, Shanghai Electric is honored to provide an interactive platform for upstream and downstream partners and operators where they can share their experiences, as well as to discuss the expectations for the future of the industry. Shanghai Electric has built up a wealth of invaluable expertise and experience. We look forward to using the event as an occasion to connect with industry partners and talk about the offshore wind power market in a more rational manner. We believe that besides the upfront capital expenditure, the ongoing operating costs also need to be given their due when contemplating wind power projects. In addition to reducing the amount of capital needed, such knock-on businesses as extending our green energy business into offshore wind power hydrogen production, alongside the development of marine pastures, offshore tourism and offshore agriculture can increase project profitability and facilitate the development of the industry."

The company has been taking a leading position in the sector, not only establishing the largest network of offshore wind power projects in China, but also commencing the expansion into innovative, green and sustainable offshore energy projects, including offshore wind power hydrogen production, ocean pastures, offshore tourism, and offshore agriculture.

Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd and Shenergy jointly invested in the Yangpu Shenergy - Shanghai Electric Wind Power Zero-carbon Energy Equipment Industry Project in Danzhou as part of their commitment to advancing the development of an offshore wind power industry chain, and to exploring a new multi-energy, multi-industry business model where offshore wind power, ocean current power generation and marine fisheries, green power hydrogen production, energy storage, offshore tourism, and offshore agriculture, are all integrated to provide more possibilities for the Clean Energy Island initiative.

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