Sable Chemicals and Tatanga Energy Partners For Setting Up Solar Energy Plant in Zimbabwe

Sable Chemicals, an ammonium nitrate manufacturer, has approved to a partnership with Tatanga Energy, a fertilizer manufacturer, to build a 50 MW photovoltaic solar generation plant in Zimbabwe.

The solar farm will be positioned at Sable Chemicals’ site outside Kwekwe, in the central part of the country, and will produce power for its ammonium nitrate manufacturing facility.

40MW of the electricity generated from the project will underwrite to the national grid at Sherwood Substation, 5km away from the solar plant.

Chipfumbu said “The project will see the construction of a 1 km 88kV power line from the site to interconnect into the redundant 88kV power line connecting Sable Chemicals Substation to Sherwood substation.”

“Evacuating in the national grid will go a long way as, currently the country is in desperate need of new power generation capacity and solar offers a cheap scalable solution,” he added.

The companies have also voiced hopes that the capacity of the solar plant will later be expanded to more than 150 MW. As the project feasibility study is ongoing, its construction is expected to be completed in August 2021.

Solar PV | News published on 28/01/2020 by Moulin

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