Riello Power India Introduces New Models of Sentryum UPS with Extended Range

Riello Power India, an arm of Riello Power Solutions, Italy, has unveiled its two new models of the Sentryum (S3T) range of 30 kVA and 40 kVA.

April 28, 2021. By Manu Tayal

Riello Power India, an arm of Riello Power Solutions, Italy, has unveiled its two new models of the Sentryum (S3T) range of 30 kVA and 40 kVA.

The Sentryum range of UPS offers availability and flexibility of solutions, guarantees optimized energy savings and allows customers to protect all critical loads without any impact on the power line.

The company said that it is the ideal and versatile solution for smaller and medium-sized Data Centers, as well as mission-critical in the IT, commercial, industrial, telecommunications, transportation and medical areas.

The Sentryum 30-40 kVA/kW solutions have choice of two different cabinet solutions i.e. Active and Xtend.

Active - extremely compact (< 0.35 m2 and only 0.33 m3) and exceptionally powerful, it supplies up to 40 kVA with @pf 1 and gives the possibility to manage  two strings of batteries for different levels of autonomy.

Xtend - this cabinet configuration also has an extremely small footprint (< 0.4 m2 and < 0.5 m3) and allows you to manage 2 or 3 strings of batteries inside for long autonomy. It also allows you to install an isolation transformer or to easily change the degree of protection.

The main features of the range include:

  • overall efficiency that reaches 96.6% in ON LINE mode thanks to the three-level IGBT inverter and innovative digital control
  • full power (kVA = kW) up to an ambient temperature of 40 °C
  • possibility of parallel distributed configuration up to 8 units per redundant system (N + 1) or in parallel power
  • unity output power factor
  • more active power than a traditional UPS which guarantees flexibility and margin in sizing the UPS for potential future load increases
  • intelligent management of fan speed and cooling flow in accordance with ambient temperature and load level
  • choice of operating modes: ON LINE, ECO, SMART ACTIVE, STANDBY OFF and frequency converter
  • Cold Start to switch on the UPS even in the absence of mains power
  • compatibility with alternative backup energy sources (e.g. lithium-ion batteries, super capacitors)
  • high power battery charger to optimize charging times in the event of prolonged autonomy
  • double mains power input

The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Manesar, India. With a built up area of more than 50000 sq. ft., the plant is highly integrated facility that is designed to produce world class UPS systems. It produces a comprehensive range of UPS Systems, from 6 kVA to 6400 kVA for a wide range of applications, right from a small office to a medium commercial establishment to large industrial applications such as IT (Data Centers), electronics, medical, industrial equipment, radar & other defense equipment, telecommunication, among others.

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