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Renogy Rolls Out Bifacial Solar Panels for Marine Applications

The bifacial solar panels feature high solar cell efficiency and solar panel output for several scenarios, such as marine, RV applications, home, and business use.

May 01, 2023. By Anurima Mondal

In a bid to promote sustainable living and energy independence, Renogy has launched specialised bifacial solar panels with high-efficiency solar cells and solar panel output for marine, RV applications, home, and commercial use. The Renogy 220W Pro Bifacial Solar Panel is one of the most energy-efficient sub-300W solar panels that can produce up to 30 percent more energy bifacially than a regular solar panel.

Traditional solar panels are unable to capture sunlight from both sides. Additionally, these solar panels are designed to be more efficient even when partially shaded. Besides maximising energy output, it also protects cells from overheating.

Renogy bifacial monocrystalline solar panel helps accelerate snow shedding. The backside connectivity of these solar panels makes them ideal for off-grid lifestyles. The panels are protected from water and wind damage by a rugged IP68 junction box.

"Renogy is extremely excited to introduce specialized bifacial solar panels for marine, RV, and home. As a leading company, Renogy is committed to sustainable living and energy independence. We strongly believe that a sustainable future is possible with renewable energy at our core. This is why our bifacial solar panels make the best option for residential and commercial use." says Yi Li, Founder of Renogy.

The company's newest launch offers a wide range of attractive features like PERC technology to generate additional current, IP68 to withstand harsh weather conditions, half-cut 64 cells to generate more energy in partial shade, wind load up to 2400PA, heavy snow load up to 5400PA, bypass diode network, and premium Grade A+ monocrystalline solar cells.
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