Renewsys Launches India’s 1st NABL Accredited PV Lab for Encapsulants, Backsheets, Raw Material

India’s first and only specialized facility ensures quality assurance on demand for project financiers, solar plant developers, system integrators, module manufacturers, and solar polymer component manufacturers

December 03, 2019. By News Bureau


RenewSys has announced that it has launched India’s first and one-of-its-kind ‘Photovoltaic Laboratory’ specifically equipped to test Encapuslants, Backsheets and their raw materials. This NABL accredited lab has been set up at the company’s polymer specialty division in Bengaluru.

With impetus being given to lower tariffs for solar plants and PV installations, there is pressure to deliver PV modules at competitive prices. However, in such a scenario it is also imperative for installers and developers to ascertain that the modules deliver on performance expectations, and lifetime.

Simultaneously an increase in field failures of solar power plants are being observed due to substandard or compromised module polymer components i.e. Encapsulants (EVA & POE) and Backsheets. This is significant because unlike micro-cracks and breakage in cells, compromised quality of polymer components is not visible to the naked eye. Thus periodic testing of the components used in modules becomes a vital indicator of overall PV module quality.

While there are several tests and centres to test modules as a whole, there was no dedicated lab in India to test Encapsulants, Backsheets and their raw materials. Hence RenewSys has established this specialized, independently run facility that ensures quality assurance on demand for project financiers, system integrators, solar plant developers, module manufacturers, and solar module polymer component manufacturers alike. It has already begun providing on-demand access to Project Developers and Module Manufacturers.

Run by a team of experts from the solar industry, it has the capability to test all polymers including Encapsulants, Backsheets and their raw materials. The lab conducts tests like Gel Content, Density, Tensile Strength and Elongation, UV cut off, Opacity, etc.

Avinash Hiranandani, Managing Director, RenewSys India said, “The Indian solar industry is growing by leaps and bounds each year. Quality of the components used and their impact on plant performance will start gaining importance as PV plants get older and we see modules reaching mid-life in the field. This is the driving force behind setting up India’s first and only dedicated Encapsulant and Backsheet testing facility that is NABL accredited.”

Also, we had organized Technology Days from Nov 26-30, 2019. at our Bengaluru facility to help familiarize project financiers, EPC players, system integrators, etc. with the lab and to showcase some breakthrough technology related to Encapsulants and Backsheets, added Hiranandani.

“Concurrently RenewSys has also set up a world class reliability testing laboratory for PV modules that is India’s only Intertek certified Satellite® testing facility at Hyderabad. This lab has seven environmental chambers and that test modules in accelerated and adverse environmental conditions like damp heat, dry heat, temperature cycling, UV exposure, etc. The two labs can, in tandem, provide a truly holistic overview of module health,” he further stated.

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