Global OTEC Resources Invites Applications for Purchase of Ocean Thermal Energy in Maldives

Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) is an application of solar energy in which the heat that the ocean captures from the sun’s rays is used. It is...

Renewable energy other-renewables | 08/01/2020 | By News Bureau 849 readings

Zoho Sets Up Solar Farm in Trichy, aims to Minimize Carbon Footprints

With an aim to minimize carbon footprint, a software company from Tamil Nadu named Zoho, has set up a solar power plant. The power plant will be used to power...

Renewable energy other-renewables | 26/12/2019 | By Hemant Arora 846 readings

Central Electricity Authority entreats Data on Renewable Energy

After the addition of new capacity CEA, observed that during the high renewable energy season of April-October 2019, generation from renewable energy sources...

Renewable energy other-renewables | 24/12/2019 | By Hemant Arora 831 readings

India sets up 186 waste-to-energy projects so far : R. K. Singh

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is implementing the ‘Program on Energy from Urban, Industrial, and Agricultural Wastes/ Residues’ for the...

Renewable energy other-renewables | 23/12/2019 | By Hemant Arora 860 readings

Indian Renewable Market Has Taken a Turn For The Worst

As per a government minister, “So this becomes 140,000-145,000 MW. In hydro, we have installed capacity of around 45,000 MW and under installation, capacity...

Renewable energy other-renewables | 23/12/2019 | By Hemant Arora 844 readings

Stable grid is necessary to meet India's energy goals, states study

A stud published by Assocham-Pwc mentions that India needs a stable grid network that can meet the weather fluctuations. The stable grid network will then ensure...

Renewable energy other-renewables | 23/12/2019 | By Hemant Arora 889 readings

Red-hot South in harnessing and generating green energy

In the past decade or so, the South has made its contribution in the area of renewable energy. Tamil Nadu, for instance, has scripted a success story in harnessing...

Renewable energy other-renewables | 21/12/2019 | By Hemant Arora 897 readings

Growth in India’s renewable energy sector has dropped to a five-year low

Government officials said that curtailment of generation by states and slowdown in overall electricity demand are the key factors behind the low renewable energy...

Renewable energy other-renewables | 21/12/2019 | By Hemant Arora 812 readings

India’s Share Grows to 9% for Renewable Energy

The percentage of renewable energy in India's energy mix has grown steadily to nearly 9 percent from the 2014-2015 levels. But, the current installed renewable...

Renewable energy other-renewables | 19/12/2019 | By Hemant Arora 767 readings

Graphite May Scuttle Ride Out for Li-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Synthetic graphite is preferred for EV batteries because of its higher purity but it is even more environmentally obnoxious. It is a byproduct of coal tar —...

Renewable energy other-renewables | 12/12/2019 | By Ashish Wagh 676 readings

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