NHPC successfully completes 240 MW URI-II Power Station in Baramulla

Prime Minister dedicates URI-II Power Station (240 Mw) to the Nation

Renewable energy hydropower | 07/07/2014 | By Moulin 4549 readings

Meeting to discuss concerns relating to Subansiri Hydroelectric Project

Union Minister of State of Assam, Mr.Sarbanda Sonowal meets Mr.Piyush Goyal, Minisrter of Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy

Renewable energy hydropower | 07/07/2014 | By Moulin 3880 readings

India & Bhutan reiterates their commitment to achieving the 10000MW target

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi paid a State visit to Bhutan

Renewable energy hydropower | 17/06/2014 | By Moulin 4203 readings

BHEL commissions 68 MW Hydro Generating Unit at Rampur HEP in Himachal Pradesh

Total 9 hydro sets totalling 641 MW commissioned by BHEL in the year 2013-14

Renewable energy hydropower | 13/06/2014 | By Moulin 4213 readings

Storage position of important Reservoirs in the Country as on June 05, 2014

Current year storage position better than last year

Renewable energy hydropower | 12/06/2014 | By Moulin 3996 readings

BHEL commissions 4x130 MW Hydro-Electric Project in Himachal Pradesh

Commisions the fourth and final 130 MW hydro generating unit at Parbati III Hydro Electric Project (HEP) in Himachal Pradesh

Renewable energy hydropower | 27/05/2014 | By Moulin 4277 readings

ARE calls on decision-makers to foster small hydro in developing & emerging markets

The Alliance for Rural Electrification(ARE) launches its Small Hydropower Campaign

Renewable energy hydropower | 17/04/2014 | By Moulin 5150 readings

4000MW Dashtijum hydropower plant:One of the most economical & long term hydropower plant

"Can be considered as a potential regional project for energy to neighboring countries" says the Ambassador of Tajikistan

Renewable energy hydropower | 27/03/2014 | By Moulin 4603 readings

Storage of important reservoirs in the country (as on 27 February 2014)

Out of 85 reservoirs, 37 reservoirs have significant hydro-power benefits with installed capacities of more than 60 MW each.

Renewable energy hydropower | 11/03/2014 | By Moulin 4258 readings

New micro-hydro turbine developed by University of Southampton (UK) installed in India

Successfully installed in the tailrace of the Tata Power owned 150 megawatt (MW) Bhira hydropower station in Maharashtra

Renewable energy hydropower | 07/03/2014 | By Moulin 4579 readings

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