Cabinet Sanctions Investment Worth Rs 1,236 Crores for Arun-3 Hydro Project

The present consent is for investment approval of 400 kV D/C Diding (In Nepal) - Bathnaha (International Border) via Dhalkebar (In Nepal) Transmission Line...

Renewable energy hydropower | 01/03/2019 | By Moulin 389 readings

Australia Makes Way for Substantial Hydropower Expansion

Snowy will add 2,000 megawatts (MW) of power generation through so-called pumped hydro, which acts like a huge battery, pumping water uphill between two dams

Renewable energy hydropower | 26/02/2019 | By Moulin 318 readings

World Bank Sanctions Rs 11,000 Crores for Advancing Safety of Hydro Power Dams

The funds will be utilised under the ongoing Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Programme (DRIP) for its ensuing phases beginning 2020. Besides operation, maintenance...

Renewable energy hydropower | 19/02/2019 | By Moulin 374 readings

France’s Ushant tidal energy project gets smarter with QOS Energy’s data intelligence platform

To optimize the turbine’s operation, QOS Energy and Sabella closely collaborated to develop specific data acquisition techniques and innovative analytics...

Renewable energy hydropower | 17/12/2018 | By Moulin 585 readings

Voith and Siemens join efforts in establishing hybrid power concepts at HYDRO 2018

Inks letter of intent for collaboration in appropriate hybrid power projects containing hydropower

Renewable energy hydropower | 17/10/2018 | By Moulin 932 readings

ANDRITZ to deliver new low-head hydropower plant to Vietnam.

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Pac Ma Hydropower Joint-Stock Company for the supply, supervision, and commissioning of electro-mechanical...

Renewable energy hydropower | 13/08/2018 | By Moulin 885 readings

Dutch ASML realizes new hydropower plant in Norway.

European corporation, this time ASML - the Dutch technology company, has made the construction of a new renewable power plant possible. Sandvik, a small hydropower...

Renewable energy hydropower | 11/06/2018 | By Moulin 975 readings

Pioneer of small hydro technology: Kössler celebrates its 90th birthday.

St. Georgen. Since its establishment in 1928, Kössler has evolved into one of the world's leading manufacturers for small hydropower technology. At its...

Renewable energy hydropower | 22/05/2018 | By Moulin 973 readings

Prime Minister inaugurates Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project.

Prime Minister inaugurates Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project; lays Foundation Stone of the Pakal Dul Power Project in Jammu & Kashmir.Both Projects to bring...

Renewable energy hydropower | 21/05/2018 | By Moulin 1057 readings

NTPC signs MoU with Government of Bihar; aims to improve performance of Power Sector in Bihar.

With an aim to improve the performance of Power Sector in Bihar, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Government of Bihar (GoB) and NTPC...

Renewable energy hydropower | 16/05/2018 | By Moulin 1024 readings

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