Siemens and Uniper Join Forces to Decarbonize Power Generation

The focus of the planned cooperation in the production and use of “green hydrogen” – in other words, hydrogen from renewable energy sources....

Renewable energy hydrogen-fuel-cells | 08/04/2020 | By Moulin 120 readings

Powercell Signs €6.9 Million Contract with Prominent European Shipyard for Fuel Cell System

The system will be developed and delivered over three years; the total value of the contract for the period amounts to SEK 77 million (€6.9 million)

Renewable energy hydrogen-fuel-cells | 02/04/2020 | By Moulin 231 readings

'Hydrogen Economy’ Offers Promising Path to Decarbonization: BNEF Report

Use of clean hydrogen can help address the toughest third of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, but only if net-zero emission goals and policies are set

Renewable energy hydrogen-fuel-cells | 30/03/2020 | By Moulin 224 readings

Clean Hydrogen Can Help Reduce 34 percent of Global GHG Emissions by 2050: BNEF Report

According to the report, the deteriorating cost of making hydrogen from wind and solar power offers a promising route to cut emissions in sectors such as steel,...

Renewable energy hydrogen-fuel-cells | 26/03/2020 | By Moulin 188 readings

IEA Bioenergy Publishes a New Report On the Potential for Advanced Biofuels Cost Reduction

The report “Advanced Biofuels – Potential for Cost Reduction” confirms that there is a gap between the cost of the advanced biofuels and current...

Renewable energy hydrogen-fuel-cells | 20/02/2020 | By Moulin 206 readings

Brazil’s UNICA to Fuel India’s Ethanol Program Aimed at Building a Low-Carbon Economy

The MoU involves the exchange of information on the production and sustainable use of biofuels. It aims to strengthen investments by extending support in creating...

Renewable energy hydrogen-fuel-cells | 28/01/2020 | By Moulin 235 readings

Honda, Isuzu Partners for Research on Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Heavy-Duty Trucks

As part of a two-year deal, Isuzu will test Honda's fuel cell powertrain, which was designed for passenger cars, in Isuzu's commercial trucks, the companies...

Renewable energy hydrogen-fuel-cells | 15/01/2020 | By Moulin 347 readings

Renewable E-Fuels Are the Future of the Shipping Industry: Report

The transition to these e-fuels is not without challenges, but providing the challenges are addressed, carbon-neutral e-fuels offer a sustainable alternative,...

Renewable energy hydrogen-fuel-cells | 13/12/2019 | By Moulin 421 readings

EIB and Hydrogen Council Partners to Finance Hydrogen Projects

Under this partnership delivered through the InnovFin Advisory program, EIB will provide strategic financial advice and support to companies preparing to deploy...

Renewable energy hydrogen-fuel-cells | 06/12/2019 | By Moulin 423 readings

Australia Pledges $70 Million to Boost Renewable Hydrogen Development

In developing the round, the agency will investigate funding for projects that involve commercial-scale deployments of electrolyzers, particularly over 10 MW...

Renewable energy hydrogen-fuel-cells | 25/11/2019 | By Moulin 365 readings

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